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For more than 35 years, Kauffman Co. has been providing fire protection services for a wide variety of industries in the Houston, Texas area. We offer reliable fire protection system installation, testing, maintenance, repairs, and more.

Whether you need services performed on your existing sprinkler system, help purchasing the right fire extinguishers, or a fire alarm system installed in your new building, Kauffman Co. is the place to go! Here’s a look at the industries we serve in Houston (or click on the icons to learn more about each).

Commercial Properties

No matter what type of business you own in the Houston area, you’re responsible for keeping your employees and patrons safe in your commercial property. Adequate fire protection also helps prevent your inventory from going up in flames.

We designed the fire sprinkler system – complete with standby pipe, fire tank, and fire pump – for the indoor skydiving facility in Houston known as iFly. The project was comprised of custom designs for an entirely unique building.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing plants in Houston experience more fire hazards than the average commercial operation. Flammable liquids and electrical systems combined with sawdust, lint, or trash is a recipe for disaster.

Is your manufacturing facility prepared in case a fire breaks out? If not, Kauffman Co. can help keep your employees and merchandise safe. Fire suppression systems, alarm, sprinklers, and extinguishers complete your fire protection system for your peace of mind.

Healthcare Practices

Hospitals, assisted living centers, and urgent care clinics may all house patients who can’t easily evacuate if there’s an emergency. This makes your building’s layout and fire protection system vital to ensure the safety of your patients and staff.

We can provide the services you need, from inspections that help catch day-to-day fire risks to updating old systems to designing and installing completely new systems from scratch.

Educational Facilities & College Campuses

If you manage a school or educational facility, fire prevention is crucial for saving lives and protecting property. Texas State Technical College in Fort Bend trusted us to design and install fire protection systems in several of their campus buildings.


Government buildings in Houston keep our city running. As with any commercial property, fire protection is a must. Located in Galveston, the US Coast Guard chose Kauffman Co. to design and install protection systems in three new buildings. The project included floating dock protection, a fire pump enclosure, and large fire water storage tank.


As the centerpiece of any restaurant, cooking equipment is the leading cause of fires in most buildings with kitchens. This means restaurants must take fire protection seriously to prevent property damage and loss of life. We designed and installed the sprinkler system in one of Houston’s Taco Cabana restaurants.

Residential Properties

Whether you manage an apartment complex or small hotel, residential fire protection is a must. Home structure fires cause by far the most civilian deaths (2,520), civilian injuries (12,720), and property damage ($6.7 billion) annually of any other structure fires. Management chose Kauffman Co. to design the fire pump, standpipe system, and fire sprinklers for Solana at Cinco Ranch facility in 2009.


With heavy pieces of equipment and large open spaces characterizing most industrial buildings and production facilities, the chance of fire is very real. Anson Aviation in Sugar Land, Texas trusted us to install sprinklers and other fire protection systems in a new hanger between 2012 and 2013.

Hospitality, Hotels & Venues

When customers stay at your hotel, spend time in your recreation center, or come to a show at your theater, they expect to be safe. We offer fire protection for your hospitality business to ensure this is the case.

Since August 2013, we’ve been involved in an ongoing project for the Gorilla House at the Houston Zoo, designing and installing new fire sprinklers in an entirely unique structure.


Oil drilling rigs and marinas deal with oil, fuel, and other combustible materials. The risk of fire is ironically high for being so close to the water. In 2012, we designed and installed fire sprinkler systems for the living quarters of the Shell Mars B offshore oil drilling rig. The job included tying in the rig and testing the installation offshore.

To learn more about the experience we have with each of the industries we serve, please contact Kauffman Co. online or call us at (713) 893-1090 today!

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