Fire Extinguisher Refills in Houston

When it comes to protecting your building from fire, don’t underestimate the power of portable fire extinguishers. As long as your employees have access to the right types of extinguishers and the proper training to use them, you can expect to save lives and decrease property damage caused by a fire.

Of course, to ensure your extinguishers provide adequate fire protection, they must be fully charged. If you think you have a fire extinguisher that needs to be refilled, let Kauffman Co. handle the job. We have the knowledge, training, and experience to recharge your canisters back to their full capacity.

To schedule fire extinguisher refill services in Houston, please call Kauffman Co. at (713) 893-1090 today.

When to Refill a Fire Extinguisher

Contact Kauffman Co. if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • You recently discharged a fire extinguisher when battling a blaze: You should schedule a fire extinguisher refill as soon as possible after each use. This reduces the period of vulnerability when your business is left with fewer extinguishers than usual.
  • An employee accidentally discharged a bit of pressure: It doesn’t matter if you used the whole tank or just a tiny bit—releasing pressure for even a second or two could mean the difference between an easily contained fire or an out-of-control blaze the next time you need to use your extinguisher.
  • The pressure gauge is no longer pointing to the green: Monthly fire extinguisher inspections include examining the gauge for signs of lost pressure. The gauge on a fully charged canister points to the green, while a partially used one points to the yellow or red. If you notice a loss of pressure, schedule a fire extinguisher refill right away. Then, keep tabs on the gauge in the future. If the pressure drops again even though the canister hasn’t?been used, there could be a leak or the gauge may be faulty. Both problems warrant fire extinguisher replacement.
  • An extinguisher is discharged during routine testing: Fire codes require some types of extinguishers to be emptied every few years to test their pressure gauge readings and discharge mechanisms. As long as the tank passes the test, it can be recharged and put back into service.
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Convenient Fire Extinguisher Refills in Houston, TX

At Kauffman Co., our biggest concern is your building’s safety and code compliance. Our extinguisher refill services ensure you have this essential fire protection equipment on hand the next time an emergency strikes.

We are intent on making fire extinguisher refills as convenient as possible. You have three options for scheduling services:

  • Let us recharge your extinguishers during an upcoming routine fire protection system inspection.
  • Drop by our office in Houston for an immediate extinguisher refill.
  • Call us for an emergency extinguisher recharge performed at your location.

No matter which option you choose, rest assured that our team is quick, efficient, and experienced at getting fire extinguishers recharged and ready to go.

Schedule Fire Extinguisher Refills in Houston

Don’t risk your safety by ignoring a partially discharged fire extinguisher—contact Kauffman. Co for the convenient, reliable refill service you need. We have over 35 years of experience recharging fire extinguishers and providing similar fire protection services to businesses in Houston. Choose us for all your fire safety needs, and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Call Kauffman Co. at (713) 893-1090 or contact us online today to schedule fire extinguisher refill services in Houston.

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