Fire Protection System Services in Houston, Texas

For more than 35 years, the owners of Kauffman Co have been providing residents and businesses in Houston, Texas with quality fire protection system installation, repair and replacement services.

We provide fire protection services throughout the area, including:

  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire extinguisher services
  • Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Fire protection training
  • And more!

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Fire Sprinkler System Services in Houston, Texas

Your fire sprinkler system is the single most effective means of controlling small- to large-scale fires in your residential or commercial building. In fact, NFPA statistics show that in buildings with a working fire sprinkler system, the risk of dying in a fire is cut by more than 80%!

At Kauffman Co, we provide a wide range of fire sprinkler system services. We can install fire sprinkler systems in new commercial and residential construction projects or in existing buildings undergoing remodeling and renovation throughout the Houston, Texas area. We can even retrofit old buildings that have aging, obsolete fire sprinkler systems with modern, highly advanced sprinkler systems guaranteed to increase the rate of survival for you and your employees while minimizing the fire damage to your building.

Already have a fire sprinkler system installed? Call Kauffman Co! Our expert fire protection systems technicians can provide quarterly fire sprinkler system inspection and testing to make sure your fire pump, valves and sprinkler heads are all in perfect working order and will keep you protected at all times.

Fire Alarm System Services in Houston, Texas

Your fire alarms are an extremely important part of your fire suppression system, second only to your fire sprinkler system. Fire alarms are the most effective means of alerting people in your Houston, Texas building to the presence of a fire and helping them escape as soon as possible. A smoke detector or fire alarm can really be the difference between life and death.

If you already have a fire alarm system installed in your Houston, Texas building, make sure to keep Kauffman Co’s number handy. We can provide annual fire alarm system inspections to make sure every part of your fire alarm system, from the smoke and heat detectors to the visual indicators and strobes are working perfectly. We can even check the control units and the voice/alarm communications systems.

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Fire Extinguisher Services in Houston, Texas

Does your building have the correct amount of fire extinguishers? Are they the right size and type, and are they located in the proper places? Are they all fully charged and ready to protect you at a moment’s notice? If you answered no to any of these questions (or if you didn’t know the answer), call Kauffman Co – ASAP! Our fire extinguisher service technicians can inspect your fire extinguisher’s seals, O-rings, hoses, nozzles and canisters to make sure every part is working properly and your extinguisher is correctly pressurized and shows no signs of wear that could cause it to malfunction in an emergency.

Has your fire extinguisher been discharged recently? Did you remember to have it recharged? Having an empty fire extinguisher in your building can be even more dangerous than not having one at all. If you know your fire extinguisher needs to be recharged, or if you just want to double check (better safe than sorry!), call Kauffman Co today. We can recharge or replace your fire extinguisher so you’ll be able to handle any small fires that occur in your Houston, Texas building.

Fire Suppression System Services in Houston, Texas

Do you own a data center, server room, computer lab or other building in the Houston, Texas area with sensitive electronic equipment? If so, a standard water-based fire sprinkler system may end up doing more harm than good! At Kauffman Co, we specialize in inspection, testing and maintenance of dry chemical fire suppression systems, including the FM-200 system, which is proven to safely and effectively extinguish fires in seconds without harming any of your electronic equipment.

If you have anFM-200 or another dry chemical fire suppression system installed in your Houston, Texas building, call Kauffman Co today. We can provide the inspection, testing and repair services required to ensure your fire suppression system will keep your building’s employees and equipment safe any time, day or night.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System Services in Houston, Texas

Busy restaurants and commercial kitchens are literal hotbeds for fires in Houston. The combination of heat, grease and commotion present in commercial kitchens puts them at high risk for fire. At Kauffman Co, we can provide commercial kitchen fire system inspection and testing to make sure your commercial kitchen meets UL 300 requirements and will be able to handle the threat of a grease fire. Don’t let a simple soufflé cost you your entire business – if you own a restaurant in Houston, Texas, call Kauffman Co today!

Fire Protection System Training

What would happen if a fire broke out in your Houston, Texas building? Would your employees know how to find and activate the fire extinguisher or know the fastest way to escape the building? Or would a panic break out with people confused as to where to run?

At Kauffman Co, we’re here to make sure not only that your fire protection systems work perfectly and will always be able to protect you in the event of a fire, but also that your employees will know exactly how to react so they can get out of your building as calmly, quickly and effectively as possible. We provide both indoor and outdoor fire extinguisher training, and can design effective escape routes and hold fire drills in order to eliminate the panic that comes with not knowing what to do when a fire occurs. Don’t leave your employees in the dark about fire safety protocol – if you need fire protection system training for your Houston, Texas building, call Kauffman Co today!

At Kauffman Co, we want to make sure your building in Houston, Texas is always kept safe from fire. We provide 24-hour service for all of your fire protection needs and can service any manufacturer’s equipment. If you need fire protection system inspection, testing or service for your Houston, Texas building, call the experts at Kauffman Co today!

We provide fire protection services throughout Chinatown, Clear Lake, Bay Area, Downtown Houston, East Downtown, East End, Galleria, Uptown, Greenspoint, Houston Heights, Medical Center, Spring Branch, Westchase, Reliant Park, Memorial Park, Washington Corridor, Midtown, Montrose, Museum District, River Oaks, Hobby Airport, Third-Ward, Upper Kirby, Greenway Plaza, West University, and Rice Village.

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