Fire Alarm Services in Houston

Fire alarm systems are among the most vital components of your building’s fire protection strategy. Having a working, well-maintained fire alarm system is crucial for keeping your building safe from fires and keeping it up to code.

As with most things in your building, your fire alarm system’s future performance is largely dependent on how well it’s initially installed and how frequently it is inspected and tested.

If you need fire alarm system installation, inspection, or repair services in Houston, contact Kauffman Co. today!


Our family-owned fire protection company in Houston provides fire alarm services to commercial buildings–including fire alarm inspections, tests, repairs, monitoring, and routine maintenance to ensure your fire alarms will quickly alert building occupants about an emergency.

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Fire Alarm Components & Houston Fire Code Requirements

A thorough understanding of state and local fire code requirements is essential for proper fire alarm system installation and to pass fire alarm monitoring standards. At Kauffman Co., our fire protection technicians have been installing commercial fire alarms around the Houston area for decades.

At Kauffman Co., we provide complete fire alarm installation services for buildings throughout the Houston and Galveston areas. We can install every component of your fire alarm system, including the following fire protection equipment:

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Houston Fire Alarm System Design & Engineering

Fire alarm systems involve more than just horns, bells, and strobes. Kauffman Co. uses the latest 3D-CAD software to custom design every fire alarm system we install to ensure maximum effectiveness. We do all the work—from initial layouts and design to permit acquisition to final professional installation and testing!

No fire alarm installation project is too large or too small for our expert fire alarm installation technicians. If you need fire alarm installation or replacement for your building in Houston or the surrounding area, call Kauffman Co. today at (713) 893-1090!

Fire Alarm Inspection & Testing in Houston

A fire alarm can literally be the difference between life and death. Without a functioning fire alarm system, it’s nearly impossible to alert others about a fire efficiently. Our fire alarm technicians inspect, test, and monitor commercial fire alarms to ensure all fire panels will trigger the fire alarm system and alert everyone in the building about a fire emergency.

Without a thorough fire alarm inspection, regular fire alarm monitoring, and routine maintenance, how would you know if your building’s fire alarm systems aren’t functioning properly? Don’t wait until you have a fire to find out your fire alarms aren’t working.

Schedule a Fire Alarm Inspection Today

If you want to schedule a routine fire alarm maintenance test or need a one-time fire alarm inspection and are located in the Houston area, contact Kauffman Co. today to schedule your fire alarm service.

Ensure everyone in your commercial building can be instantly notified about a fire emergency by contacting our team today. The experts at our fire alarm company in Houston can help you with all your needs for protecting your employees.

Do you have more questions about our fire alarm services? Check out our answers to frequently asked questions about fire alarm systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Kauffman Co., we understand the importance of being prepared for a fire emergency every single day. We offer 24-hour emergency fire alarm service to ensure your family members and co-workers are always safe in the event of a fire emergency.

If you need emergency fire alarm repair or service for your business or office and are located in the Houston area or the Greater Gulf Coast region, contact Kauffman Co. today!

At Kauffman Co., we are dedicated to ensuring all your family members and coworkers will be alerted of a fire in your business or building. Call us today to schedule routine fire alarm maintenance and inspection, a one-time fire alarm test, or a fire alarm system repair service for your commercial business in the Houston area!

Need fire alarm services for your Houston commercial business? Contact Kauffman Co.!

We provide two types of fire alarm installation in Texas: ionization fire alarms and photoelectric fire alarms. Ionization fire alarms detect flaming, fast-moving fires – curtain fires, trash can fires, etc. Photoelectric fire alarms are best for smoky, smoldering fires, such as electrical fires that start behind walls. To maximize your fire protection, we recommend including both types in your fire alarm system installation.

Properly maintained fire alarm systems should last around 10 to 12 years. After this, you should start thinking about replacing fire alarms in your home or building, even if they seem to be working fine – you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to the safety of your employees or family.

Conventional fire alarms go off when they detect smoke in their immediate vicinity and are perfect for evacuating people from a small space. Addressable fire alarms have an enunciator panel that shows you (or, more importantly, the fire department) exactly which devices are going off so you can get the proper resources to them as quickly as possible. Addressable alarms are often used in larger applications like multi-story buildings, office buildings, etc.


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