Fire Protection Design Services in Houston

The first step to protecting your employees, customers and property is to have a fire protection system installed. Of course, in order to be effective, the system needs to be designed properly by experts in the field.

That’s where Kauffman Co. comes in. Our team of experienced fire protection design experts uses CAD software to accurately map out your needs and come up with a flawless proposal.

When you trust the design process to Kauffman Co., you know your fire protection system will meet all Houston (or your local area), Texas, and national building code requirements.

For fire protection design services in the Houston area, call Kauffman Co. today at (713) 893-1090!


Our Fire Protection System Design Capabilities

A fire protection system incorporates every aspect of your building’s fire safety and prevention system, including:

  • Fire sprinklers: The number and type of sprinklers your building needs depend on the hazard level of the materials found inside. Then, factors such as sprinkler head types, water pressure, and specific system design depend on the risk level of the “design area,” or the space where a fire could inflict the most damage. We take every detail into account, including pipe friction and changes in elevation, to ensure the right amount of water is delivered to extinguish a fire and minimize property damage.
  • Fire alarms: A blaring fire alarm is critical for warning occupants of the building that a fire has broken out. Your building must have a fully functional alarm system to be code compliant. Fire alarms include several components, including smoke detectors, pull stations, strobe lights, bells, control panels, and more. We handle the design and placement of each component to ensure an effective fire alarm system in your building.
  • Fire suppression: Fire sprinklers aren’t appropriate for every room or building. Waterless fire suppression is necessary to protect computers, electrical equipment, or areas where flammable liquids are stored. Water could damage electronics or cause flammable liquid fires to spread rather than extinguishing them. That’s why foam fire suppression is available. Both automatic fire suppression and handheld fire extinguishers are important for complete protection. We can help you determine the type of fire suppression equipment you need.
  • Kitchen fire protection systems: Commercial kitchens are a unique situation. Fires here are usually caused by the ignition of cooking fuel, against which traditional sprinklers are useless. Just as your menu is different from any other restaurant in town, your fire protection system should cater to your specific needs. We can help you design the right measures to fully protect your facility in case a blaze breaks out.
  • Fire pumps: This component of a fire protection system keeps sprinkler system water pressure high enough to effectively protect the building from a fire. When the pump detects a dip in water pressure, it automatically turns on to help the sprinklers battle the fire. During the design process, our skilled technicians ensure the pump provides just the right amount of water volume.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes or a code violation is filed to have a professional properly design your fire protection system. Call Kauffman Co. today to take the first step toward making your Houston-area business a safe, code-compliant building. Whether you are managing a new construction building or expanding your current property, call us for fire protection design services today!

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