Fire Suppression System Repair Service in Houston

If you own a business in the Houston area, it’s vital to protect your most significant assets from fire. Even with professional installation of your fire suppression system, there’s still the risk that a part will malfunction and require repair.

Don’t lose your company’s most important assets to the ravages of a fire—schedule fire suppression repair services from Kauffman Co. for peace of mind in case you fall victim to an out-of-control blaze. We provide services throughout the greater Houston area.

Our Repair Services

No matter what type of business you own, the areas where you store mission-critical items may also be the most vulnerable to fire. Computer labs, data centers and server rooms, for example, are filled with electrical equipment that could short out and start a fire.

The purpose of installing a fire suppression system is to protect these valuables if the unimaginable happens. The FM-200 fire suppression system in particular is designed to extinguish flames in 10 seconds to reduce loss and lower the costs associated with recovering your property and getting back on your feet after the incident.

Of course, each of these fire suppression system benefits can only be realized if each component is in proper working order when a fire starts. This could cost you big if your unprotected property is unfortunate enough to experience a fire.

Kauffman Co. is equipped to perform system repairs, diagnose problems, fix many issues on the spot and schedule follow-up visits if needed for additional repairs. You can’t predict an emergency, but you can prepare for the unexpected by scheduling regular inspections and testing from Kauffman Co.

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Houston Fire Suppression Repair Services

For fire suppression system repair (or installation, maintenance, and testing), call Kauffman Co. today at (713) 893-1090. Our fire protection company provides 24-hour emergency fire suppression system repair services to ensure your business is protected from fires around the clock.

Whether you need to schedule a fire suppression system repair or inspection for your business in Houston, Texas (TX) or the Greater Gulf Coast Area, contact Kauffman Co. today to schedule an appointment! Our family-owned fire safety company is dedicated to ensuring your business will always be protected in case of a fire emergency.

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