Fire Safety Training Programs in Houston, Texas

Fire safety equipment is only as good as your knowledge to use it. Make sure your staff is ready to use your fire extinguishers and other tools in an emergency.

Kauffman Co. offers in-person training and fire extinguisher demos in the Houston area. We’ll make sure that your employees are properly trained to handle any fire situation. Our goal is to help you mitigate the damaging effects of a fire.

If you need fire extinguisher training or fire suppression system training, or want to develop a solid emergency evacuation plan for your Houston, Texas, office, schedule a demo with Kauffman Co. today.

Fire Extinguisher Training

At Kauffman Co., we offer a variety of fire extinguisher training programs to fit your company’s needs. We can bring our fire extinguisher training equipment straight to your office or facility and provide indoor or outdoor fire extinguisher training – whichever is more convenient for you.

All of our training exercises are led by a certified fire safety professional, and are designed to safely and accurately simulate a real fire.

Benefits of In-Person Fire Training

Your employees need to be ready for any fire scenario, big or small. With proper fire training, you can be safer from fires and fire damage. A few benefits of scheduling in-person fire training include:

  • Improve readiness for fire emergencies
  • Physical experience putting out a controlled fire
  • Compliance with fire safety regulations
  • Lower chance of injury or property damage

Outdoor Fire Extinguisher Training

As part of our outdoor fire extinguisher training program, a Kauffman Co. representative will come to your workplace with a small controlled fire producing device and a training extinguisher for your employees to practice on.

This exercise will make your employees more comfortable with a fire extinguisher so that they know what to do in the event of a real fire, lowering stress and helping them react to the danger as calmly and effectively as possible.

Indoor Fire Extinguisher Training

If you would rather hold your fire extinguisher training indoors (for weather reasons, space issues, or whatever other concerns you have), Kauffman Co. can accommodate that as well. We use a state-of-the-art video simulation fire extinguisher trainer that mimics a real fire. Employees activate the training fire extinguisher the same way they would a real one, and use it to douse a fire on a video screen. This form of training is every bit as effective as the real thing and will help your employees know exactly what they can do in the event of a fire.

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Fire Extinguisher Demos in Houston

One of the most valuable training services you can schedule for your employees is a live fire extinguisher demo. Kauffman Co. offers comprehensive fire extinguisher trainings in Houston.

Our training staff will teach your employees the PASS method for using a fire extinguisher. This involves pulling the pin from the unit, aiming the unit, squeezing the level, and swiping side to side across the fire.

Emergency Office Evacuation Planning

Sometimes the safest way to handle a fire emergency is to get out as fast as possible. Having an emergency evacuation plan and instinctively knowing how to execute it is crucial for situations where trying to stop the fire is too dangerous without the help of fire fighting professionals.

Kauffman Co. can help you design an emergency plan based on the layout of your office building that will quickly and effectively get all of your employees to safety. If you already have an emergency evacuation in place, Kauffman Co. can help you arrange and schedule fire drills so that all of your employees will know exactly what they are supposed to do in the event of an emergency.

Book In-Person Training & Fire Extinguisher Demos

Trust the team at Kauffman Co. for fire training services for your Houston-area business. We provide a wide array of fire prevention products and services. For trustworthy, experienced, and certified experts in fire prevention and safety, go with our team for it all.

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