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Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Training for Employees

Many things are contracted out in today’s business world but safety shouldn’t be one of them! Every workplace, whether it’s a white-collar office or blue-collar warehouse, has its dangers. These risks need to be properly managed, and one of the best ways is through employee training.

This is especially true when dealing with the dangers of fire, given how the first few minutes of a fire are critical to the eventual severity of the fire—including injuries, damage, and downtime for cleanup and repair. Proper fire extinguisher training for your employees can mean the difference between a scare and a disaster.

What Happens if Your Employees Aren’t Trained?

Dealing with a crisis is something which doesn’t come naturally to most people. If anything, the natural reaction is to save oneself and quickly. Part of staying calm in an emergency is having the confidence in knowing what to do. Not only does fire extinguisher training give your employees the tools to hopefully prevent a fire from getting out of control, it will also give them the mental strength to keep from panicking.

Without fire extinguisher training, minor fires (which could have been dealt with by the employees themselves) go unchecked or uncontrolled. By the time the fire department shows up, your business might be ruined—in addition to injury, loss, damage, and potential downtime for cleaning up.

Is Your Workplace Prepared for a Fire Emergency?

Every workplace should complete a proper risk assessment. This should be done initially by fire protection professionals but also whenever there are major changes in the workplace or new equipment is installed.

During the assessment, the risk manager needs to be looking mostly for heat/igniters, possible fire fuels, and obstacles to employee escape routes.

Heat/Igniters: Because most workplaces have no smoking policies, the biggest causes of fire come from flammable objects being in contact with hot equipment or igniter sources. A cramped printer room with plenty of paper is a prime example of a potential fire hazard. Likewise, an industrial saw that creates sparks which can get into travel flammable material like sawdust is another.

Fuel: Each workplace is going to have different possible fire fuels. Offices are filled with paper, studios have different flammable chemicals, and shops and warehouses are often filled with a wide variety of items that can burn.

Escape Routes: If a fire starts in different areas in the workplace, can all your employees get out? Obviously, any part of your business which has a higher risk for fire should not be put in a potential bottleneck when it comes to exit routes.

In many cases, fire extinguisher training can help prevent a fire from building out of control or leading to further destruction and loss.

Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Training

A fire extinguisher does not have a simple point-and-shoot operation. Since not all fires are the same, fire extinguisher training is needed to teach your employees how to recognize the type of fire and how to properly react to it. Just as you do not pour water on a grease fire, the different potential fuels call for different methods of extinguishing.

In learning the main causes of fire, your trainees will learn about potential hazards many of the fuels themselves pose if handled improperly. Fire extinguisher training and hazardous material handling training go hand-in-hand!

So while your employees are learning how to properly use a fire extinguisher, they are also learning when to leave the area and let the professionals deal with a fire emergency.

Schedule Your Fire Extinguisher Training in Houston, Texas

If your company or organization is located in the Houston, Texas area, schedule your employee fire extinguisher training with Kauffman Co.! We have been providing fire protection services to the area for several years and can help ensure that your employees are prepared to safely act in a fire emergency situation. Contact us today!

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