Fire Sprinkler System Monitoring in Houston


24/7 Monitoring Services for Texas Buildings

You already understand the importance of having a fire sprinkler system professionally installed and regularly inspected in your Houston area building—but what happens if there is a fire when no one is working? As a building owner or property manager, there’s no way you can plan for or guarantee you’ll be present when the sprinklers go off. As a solution, Kauffman Co. offers fire sprinkler system monitoring.

We are a leading Houston-area fire protection company that offers 24-hour fire sprinkler system monitoring services. Call to find out about our monitoring services and the multiple year discounts we offer—you can buy two years at the standard rate of monitoring and get third year free!*

Contact us online or call us at (713) 893-1090 to talk with a fire sprinkler expert about 24/7 monitoring services in the Houston area. 

Our Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Service

At Kauffman Co., we offer full-service fire sprinkler monitoring and can ensure that your system will always be able to communicate with emergency officials and property managers should a fire emergency occur within your facility. Fire sprinkler monitoring is required for the lifetime of your existing or new sprinkler system.

What Is Fire Sprinkler Monitoring?

Fire sprinkler monitoring systems are a direct connection between your building’s sprinkler heads and control panel, our fire protection professionals, and your local Texas emergency response department. The system consists of a transmitter that detects when the fire sprinklers in your building have been activated and instantly sends a signal to an offsite fire sprinkler monitoring company, like Kauffman Co. Within seconds, the fire sprinkler monitoring company will alert the fire department and emergency personnel will be on their way to save your building—you don’t even have to be there!

With fire sprinkler monitoring, your panel will also alert us if there is a technical glitch or malfunction with your system—this wouldn’t constitute emergency response from the fire department, but our technicians will be able to repair your system as quickly as possible so that your building, employees, and assets are always protected.

What Are the Benefits?

Fire sprinkler monitoring is the easiest and most effective way to give yourself 24/7 peace of mind that your building is covered at all times. Whether you run a small retail outlet in Baytown or a massive warehouse in Pearland, you can count on your fire sprinkler monitoring system to keep your building secure. It’s also something that is required—to comply with local and national codes, you need a fire sprinkler monitoring company who is licensed and certified to perform the monitoring services.

Choose Kauffman Co. for your Houston Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Services

With over 40 years of experience in the fire protection industry, Kauffman Co. is one of the most reliable fire sprinkler and fire protection service companies in the Houston, TX area. We’ve designed our fire protection company to operate as a one-stop shop for all of your fire protection needs. Our certified, trained, and licensed technicians can design, install, inspect, test, and repair all of your fire protection systems, including a fire sprinkler system!

Call us at (713) 893-1090 to find out about the monitoring services we offer and the multiple year discounts we offer—you can buy two years at the standard rate of monitoring, get third year free!

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