Building Information Modeling for Fire Protection in Houston, TX

Technology has changed the way building owners, architects, and construction contractors work together to design, plan, and build properties and their integrated systems. Building Information Modeling (BIM), in particular, is helping to improve decision making, project accuracy, and long-term building performance.

If you need a newly installed, retrofitted, or upgraded fire protection system in your Houston building, take advantage of BIM processes from Kauffman Co. The digital 3D models created with computer software are just what you need to install all the necessary components correctly and with code compliance in mind.

To learn more about BIM, please read on or contact Kauffman Co. today.

What is Building Information Modeling?

BIM is an intelligent computer process. It uses 3D models to give architects, engineers, and construction professionals the insight they need to take a building or other infrastructure from concept to completion.

Unlike standard computer-aided design (CAD) software, BIM solutions contain additional modeling, processes, and analysis capabilities. This ensures all relevant information is present for every object in the model, helping design and installation teams catch and correct errors before construction work begins.

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Benefits of Building Information Modeling

General contractors often handle BIM management, but Kauffman Co. actively participates in and contributes to this process on most of our jobs. Here are the benefits our customers enjoy when using BIM:

  • Clash detection – Traditionally, coordination between multiple trades takes place by viewing transparent drawings on a light table or via communication between crew members on the job site—with mixed results. BIM simplifies coordination with its powerful clash detection features. This allows models to be evaluated simultaneously within the computer program, even if they are different file formats. This way, spatial conflicts are resolved digitally long before they create a physical problem in the field.
  • Real-time updates – If a change is made in the office, field workers with schematics on tablet devices instantly receive the automated update. This promotes mistake-free installation and reduces costly, time-consuming errors.
  • Compliance – BIM software incorporates NFPA, AU, ISO, and other standards for easy compliance. The intelligent program automates design elements, such as sprinkler head placement, and points out any errors present.

How BIM is Used for Fire Protection

With Building Information Modeling at our disposal, Kauffman Co. can design and implement flawless fire protection systems for every project we work on. Here are some of the fire protection components that BIM can help plan and construct:

  • Fire sprinklers: From sprinkler head type and placement to pipe friction and size, BIM makes it easy to design an effective sprinkler system.
  • Fire alarms: BIM aids with control panel design, pull station placement, and smoke detector installation to help ensure a safe, code-compliant building.
  • Fire suppression systems: Nothing is better than BIM for designing foam suppression systems, planning commercial kitchen hood vents, and determining proper fire extinguisher placement.

BIM for Fire Protection in Houston, TX

Want access to advanced computer software for help planning, designing, and installing a fire protection system in your Houston-based business? Kauffman Co. offers what you’re looking for. BIM allows us to install fire sprinklers in your new building, retrofit your fire alarm system, or upgrade your fire suppression equipment quickly, affordably, and accurately.

For more information about BIM, or to schedule fire protection services in Houston, please contact Kauffman Co. today by calling (713) 893-1090.

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