AUTOCALL Fire Alarms in Houston, TX

The best way to prevent injuries and save lives during a fire is to give the building’s occupants as much time as possible to evacuate safely. A quality fire alarm helps with the process by detecting the fire early and providing both audible and visible cues that there is an emergency. With a simple installation and easy setup, AUTOCALL fire alarms are ideal for businesses of all sizes in the Houston area.

At Kauffman Co., we are proud to feature AUTOCALL fire alarms and accessories. Designed for simple, reliable operation, they offer proven performance with fewer nuisance alarms and easy configuration. We offer complete installation, inspection, and repair services for AUTOCALL products, and our experts can design a system that is tailored to the needs of your business. We serve commercial facilities throughout the Houston area, including Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery counties. With over 40 years of industry experience, you can count on us for all your fire protection and life safety needs.

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AUTOCALL Fire Alarm Systems & Services in Houston

With a unique peer-to-peer communication protocol instead of a client/server relationship, AUTOCALL control panels and accessories offer reliable performance with installations that feature simplified cabling and easy configuration. Our experts at Kauffman Co. have all the training and experience necessary to install and service AUTOCALL fire alarm systems, and we can provide the following services for AUTOCALL products:

  • AUTOCALL fire alarm installation
  • AUTOCALL fire alarm replacement
  • AUTOCALL fire alarm inspection
  • AUTOCALL fire alarm repair

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Why Install an AUTOCALL Fire Alarm?

AUTOCALL fire alarms employ several innovative technologies and features to make the products easier and more convenient for business owners, staff and customers alike to install and use. AUTOCALL fire alarms feature:

  • Addressability – Every AUTOCALL control panel and appliance is individually addressable, which allows for easy configuration and quick detection of malfunctions or errors for a more reliable system. With the peer-to-peer communication, there is also no single point of failure, unlike conventional fire alarms.
  • Simple wiring – The unique communication protocol allows for simple wiring with appliances that can be added via T-taps in the middle of the run. Smaller-gauge wires also allow for a less costly installation.
  • Easy interface – With an intuitive, menu-based system, AUTOCALL control panels make it easy to complete the install, configure the system, and find vital information.
  • Integration with other systems – AUTOCALL fire alarms can easily be integrated with building automation systems or security systems.
  • Dozens of appliances – Appliances like strobes, sounders, and annunciators alert building occupants to an emergency, while appliances like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors provide the AUTOCALL control panel with the information needed to act in an emergency. The modular design of the AUTOCALL fire alarm system makes it easy to configure and to expand as your business grows.

To learn more about the great features of the AUTOCALL fire alarm system, contact our team today.

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Give your business simple, reliable protection against fires and other emergencies with an AUTOCALL fire alarm from our team at Kauffman Co. With its easily expandable design, the AUTOCALL system is ready to grow with your business.

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