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If you’re familiar with Building Information Modeling (BIM), you know it’s an intelligent computer process that uses 3D models to efficiently plan, design and construct buildings and other infrastructure. Kauffman Co. uses this computer software as the first step in planning a fire protection system for your Houston-based business.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is like BIM on steroids. It’s a technology-based solution that ensures the models created for your fire protection system are practical on day one and continue to work effectively for the foreseeable future. This type of work is typically managed by general contractors, but Kauffman Co. actively participates in and contributes to VDC on most of our projects.

For fire protection planning using Virtual Design and Construction in the Houston area, call Kauffman Co. today at (713) 893-1090!

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What Is Virtual Design and Construction?

In the early days, complex installations were drawn out by hand on paper. Then CAD replaced labor-intensive drafting with highly accurate, efficient electronic documentation. Then CAD went 3D. But sometimes even 3D models aren’t enough.

That’s where VDC comes in. With intelligent models that present data on every object, one change in the 2D CAD view translates to the 3D representation of the building. If a change has an inherent flaw, the design team spots it right away. At every point in the project, all the information remains available to reduce costly, time-consuming errors.

With VDC, Kauffman Co. comes up with flawless fire protection designs every time.

Benefits of Virtual Design and Construction

  • Detailed plans made ahead of time allow us to design the most effective fire protection system possible.
  • Simplified schematics available on tablet devices allow for efficient, mistake-free installation. This reduces the time and cost required to install your fire protection system.
  • Any changes made to the design along the way are instantly conveyed from the office to the field, reducing frustrating change orders and ensuring everyone is on the same page at all times.
  • Quantifiable results are available through each phase of installation and for years following completion.
  • Increased communication and collaboration between team members reduces errors and confusion.

Fire Protection Components Planned with Virtual Design and Construction

We use VDC to plan and install every aspect of your building’s fire protection system:

  • Fire sprinklers: VDC takes important aspects into account to ensure a flawless sprinkler system design. From sprinkler head types and pipe friction to water pressure and fire pumps, our software makes it easy to weed out design flaws to ensure a sprinkler system you can count on.
  • Fire alarms: What smoke detector placement is most advantageous for your building? Can all occupants hear the blare of fire alarm sirens if installed in particular locations? VDC ensures the proper placement of these and other fire alarm components to ensure everyone can evacuate the building safely.
  • Fire suppression: From fully integrated foam suppression systems to strategic handheld fire extinguisher placement, our 3D modeling assesses different scenarios to ensure the most effective, code compliant installation.
  • Kitchen fire protection systems: If you own a restaurant, your needs different from other establishments. Designing an effective hood vent and fire suppression system is simplified with the help of computer software.

For professional help planning, designing and installing your building’s fire protection system, please contact Kauffman Co. online or call us today at (713) 893-1090. Whether you’re managing the construction of a new building or expanding your current property, we can help ensure fire safety from day one.

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