3D Laser Scanning Work in Houston

If you’re working on expanding or renovating your current property, you must comply with seemingly countless building codes to ensure a functional, safe finished product. Fire safety is just one concern of many.

Unfortunately, the old method of referring to blueprints and other paper plans doesn’t provide the accurate, cost-effective solution you need. That’s where 3D laser scanning services come in. Highly accurate laser scanning captures every aspect of your existing building so the Kauffman Co. design team can work in a digital environment to plan the ideal fire protection system for your renovated space.

For fire protection design services in the Houston area using 3D laser scanning, please call Kauffman Co. today at (713) 893-1090!

How Does 3D Laser Scanning Work?

Kauffman Co. has the capability to perform 3D laser scanning for your existing Houston-area building. Depending on the size and scope of the project, scanning may take anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Once complete, the model is uploaded into a digital 3D modeling program so fire protection system planning can begin. The original scanned model is preserved and used as a comparison with the planned design. This aids in the design process and helps us come up with a seamless project proposal that’s sure to satisfy you.

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3D Laser Scanning Used to Install Fire Protection Components

When it comes to renovation and retrofit work, having a comprehensive understanding of your building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems is vital for the success of your project. With access to precise, laser-scanned images, we can get every detail of your fire protection system right, including:

  • Fire sprinklers: The precise location where fire sprinkler lines should be installed depends on what’s already there. 3D laser scanning allows us to achieve a flawless sprinkler system design. Getting every component right – from sprinkler head types and pipe friction to water pressure and fire pumps – starts with a 3D laser scanned image.
  • Fire alarms: Does the new layout of your retrofitted building call for more smoke detectors, pull stations, strobe lights and sirens? The ability of all occupants to see and hear the warning to evacuate the building is vital for code compliance. 3D laser scanning ensures the proper placement of fire alarm components to ensure everyone knows to evacuate if a fire breaks out.
  • Fire suppression: When sprinklers aren’t the right option – such as in rooms storing sensitive electronics or flammable liquids – foam fires suppression is the best solution. 3D scanning prior to installation ensures the most effective, code compliant suppression system possible.
  • Kitchen fire protection systems: Commercial kitchens present a distinct situation. Fires ignite here when cooking fuel or accumulated grease overheats. Because your kitchen’s design is unique, your fire protection system should be as well. Designing an effective hood vent and fire suppression system is simplified with the help of 3D laser scanning.

Whether you’re on a tight deadline or simply want an affordable option for adding fire protection equipment to your retrofitted building, 3D laser scanning is the solution. For professional help planning, designing and installing your building’s fire protection system, please contact Kauffman Co. online or call us today at (713) 893-1090.

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