Halon Fire Suppression Systems

Do you currently have a Halon fire suppression system installed in your Houston, TX facility? While production of new Halon supplies has been banned in accordance with the Clean Air Act of 1994, it is legal to still own and operate a Halon fire suppression system if you already have one installed. At Kauffman Co., we provide full Halon fire suppression services, including Halon inspection, testing, recharge, reclamation, and replacement. If you need Halon services in Houston, call Kauffman Co. today.

Halon Fire Suppression System Inspection

The NFPA requires annual professional inspection, testing, and tagging for all Halon fire suppression systems. During inspection, the quantity of extinguishing agent and the pressure of refillable containers will be checked, and if inspection shows significant changes in these levels (five percent loss in net weight or a 10 percent drop in pressure), the system will be recharged.

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Halon Fire Suppression System Repair

If your Halon fire suppression system needs minor or major repairs, call Kauffman Co. Our trained technicians can service and repair your system to make sure your building is always kept safe from fire.

Halon Fire Suppression System Recharge

Even though new Halon manufacture has been banned, there is still plenty of existing recycled Halon that can be used to recharge your system in the event of a discharge. If you need to recharge your Halon fire suppression system, call Kauffman Co. today.

Halon Fire Suppression System Removal

While you are not required to remove your Halon fire suppression system from use, the EPA highly recommends doing so and replacing your system with a more environmentally friendly option. Kauffman Co. can remove your Halon system from your building and can recycle any remaining Halon you had on hand. Newer agents were developed to replace Halon, and if you find that the area you have protected by 1301 has to be modified or enlarged, Kauffman Co. can work with you to implement a solution utilizing FM-200.

If you have a Halon fire suppression system and want to have it inspected, repaired, recharged, or removed, call Kauffman Co. today. Our certified, trained technicians can service your Halon fire suppression system and make sure your Houston, TX building is always protected from fire.

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