Fairbanks Fire Pump Systems

To prevent devastating loss, damage, and injury from a fire emergency, it is extremely important to have a working, well-maintained fire sprinkler system in your building. The most important thing you can do for your fire sprinkler system is have a fire pump big enough to support the whole building. After all, a fire pump that can’t get your sprinkler the water it needs is not much better than having no sprinkler at all!


Fairbanks is a leading manufacturer of fire pump systems—with over 200 years of fire protection experience, Fairbanks has developed an extensive fire pump product line through research and development to meet all your fire protection needs in Houston or the Gulf Coast area. In 2012, Fairbanks Morse fire protection company merged with Pentair Nijhuis to brand Fairbanks Nijhuis—a leader in fire pump technology and manufacturing.

At Kauffman Co., we provide quality attention and superior fire sprinkler service. Our certified and experienced employees can help with installation, maintenance, repair, and annual inspection of Fairbanks fire pumps and systems. Contact Kauffman Co. today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate on installing a Fairbanks fire pump with your fire sprinkler system!

Installing & Replacing your Fairbanks Fire Pump System

When we replace or install your Fairbanks fire pump system, our skilled, certified technicians will make sure that your fire pumps are able to provide enough pressure for your entire building’s fire sprinkler system. There’s no quick answer for which fire pump (or how many) you need—what matters most is that your pump is able to provide enough pressure for your entire building.
To increase volume and pressure of water, fire pumps are usually required with fire sprinkler systems in high-rises, larger buildings (such as warehouses), and offices with ground-level water tanks. When the pumps detect a dip in water pressure below a specific threshold, they will automatically turn on to help your sprinkler system battle the fire.

If your business or organization’s office space requires one or more fire pumps, Kauffman Co. will help design and install the correct fire sprinkler and fire pump system, including those manufactured by Fairbanks, to meet your fire protection needs. Call us today to protect your employees, assets, valuables, and building from a fire emergency!

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Fairbanks Fire Pump Inspection

Even though Fairbanks fire pumps are top of the line for the fire protection industry, if you don’t perform regular inspections, the pressure of the fire pumps may not activate properly when there is a fire, leaving your business unprotected. Annual inspections of your Fairbanks fire pump are absolutely crucial to ensure that it is working and prepared for a fire emergency.

You should also perform weekly tests to run the fire pump motor (similar to starting a car on a cold morning). If you need an inspection of your fire pump system in Houston, give Kauffman Co. a call!

Our experienced fire protection technicians are very familiar with Fairbanks fire pumps and those by other leading manufacturers—we will professionally check all the components of your fire pump to ensure your fire sprinkler system is prepared for a fire.

24-Hour Emergency Fire Pump Services in Houston, TX

Preventing disasters around-the-clock is extremely important for running your business. Once your Fairbanks fire pump and fire sprinkler system is installed, Kauffman Co. offers 24-hour emergency fire protection services, including repair and maintenance.

Whether you need to schedule a routine inspection or an emergency repair for your Fairbanks fire pump or fire sprinkler system, contact Kauffman Co. today! As a family-owned fire protection company, we are dedicated to keeping your fire protection system up-to-date, so your Houston, Texas area business will always be protected if a fire strikes.

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