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Protecting your property from a fire isn’t always easy, especially when you can’t be there all the time. Whether they’re for your business or office, sprinkler systems are essential in providing 24/7 protection against unexpected fire emergencies and preventing fire damage. For the past 35 years, the owners of Kauffman Co. have provided Texas fire sprinkler installations, inspections, and testing to residential and commercial customers throughout the Houston and the Greater Gulf Coast area.


If you want to install a fire sprinkler system in Texas or need service on an existing fire sprinkler, contact Kauffman Co. today and we’ll make sure you’ll receive around-the-clock fire protection. For our Houston neighbors, we offer the following fire sprinkler services:

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Fire Sprinkler Installation & Design in Houston

From commercial businesses and hospitality buildings to restaurants and data centers, Kauffman Co. designs and installs fire sprinkler systems best suited for your individual fire safety needs. No matter how complex the Houston fire sprinkler design is, our experienced fire safety team will do everything we can to protect you from a fire.

When you choose us for your fire sprinkler installation, you are not getting standard fire sprinkler service from a regular fire protection company. Our family-owned fire protection company has been specializing in fire sprinkler systems for over 35 years, so not only will you get the quality attention you deserve, but you’ll also get superior fire sprinkler service.

At Kauffman Co., we ensure your fire sprinkler and pump systems are working from the very start and can provide the services you need to keep your fire sprinklers in top shape—all day, every day. If you live or work in Houston, Texas or in the Greater Gulf Coast area, contact Kauffman Co. today and let our fire protection professionals design and install a fire sprinkler system that’s perfect for your fire safety needs. Whether you need one sprinkler head or one hundred, we can help keep you protected 24/7.

Houston Fire Sprinkler Repairs, Replacements, Inspections & Testing

Whether you need to replace broken sprinkler heads or receive your annual fire sprinkler inspection, Kauffman Co. can service your entire Texas fire sprinkler system. Our Houston fire sprinkler technicians will thoroughly examine and inspect your sprinkler system’s valves, pipes, hangers and assembly to ensure your fire suppression system meets all fire marshal codes and will operate effectively during a fire emergency.

In addition to fire sprinkler inspections, we perform backflow preventer testing to ensure your fire sprinkler systems are always working and don’t interrupt your supply of safe, clean water. Contact Kauffman Co. today to schedule a fire sprinkler repair, replacement, inspection or backflow preventers testing for your business in Houston, Texas or the Greater Gulf Coast area today!

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24-Hour Emergency Fire Sprinkler Service in Houston

Is there something wrong with your fire sprinkler system, but it’s after normal business hours? Kauffman Co. provides 24-hour emergency fire sprinkler service and monitoring to keep your business protected 24/7 in case of a fire emergency. If you are located in Houston, Texas or the Greater Gulf Coast area and need emergency fire sprinkler service, contact Kauffman Co.—we are always there whenever you need us!

Kauffman Co. is a family-owned business, servicing fire sprinklers throughout Houston, Texas and the Greater Gulf Coast area. Whether you need a completely new fire sprinkler system or want to maintain an existing fire sprinkler, contact our fire protection company today to schedule an appointment.

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We offer fire protection and suppression services in the following cities:

Alvin, Angleton, Austin, Baytown, Beaumont, Bellaire, Clute, Conroe, Deer Park, Dickinson, Freeport, Friendswood, Galena Park, Galveston, Houston, Humble, Huntsville, Jacinto City, Katy, La Marque, La Porte, Lake Charles, Lake Jackson, League City, Missouri City, Orange, Pasadena, Pearland, Port Arthur, Richmond, Rosenberg, San Antonio, Schulenburg, South Houston, Stafford, Sugar Land, Texas City, The Woodlands, Victoria, and Waco!

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Fire Sprinkler System FAQs

Fire sprinklers go off in response to heat, usually tuned somewhere over 150 degrees, and in most cases are triggered individually so that only the single sprinkler that reaches those temperatures goes off instead of all of them, so you don’t soak an entire floor full of valuables for a small fire.

No, smoke won’t set off any standard fire sprinkler. A smoke detector is intended to give a warning so you can react to a fire, hopefully while it’s still small. Sprinklers are meant to douse flames, accepting water damage in exchange for safety and possibly limiting property loss; to that end, they only go off if the temperature suggests fire.

Different sprinklers work on different triggers. Some contain small bulbs containing a liquid that reacts to high temperatures; these are often color-coded so you can know how hot the temperature will need to be to trigger a particular sprinkler. Fewer sprinklers essentially use heat-sensitive metal links, not unlike fuses in a fuse box, to trigger. Both mechanisms will only go off in response to high heat indicative of a fire.  

In many cases, your fire sprinkler options will be guided by laws governing your particular building, industry, or specific application. For example, commercial kitchens use a specific type of hood-based targeted suppression system for cooking areas, intended to rapidly and completely stop kitchen fires without constantly being triggered by the normal presence of heat and flame.

If your sprinkler needs are guided by specific guidelines such as in these cases, we’ll be able to help you meet your obligations thoroughly without mistakes. In other cases, you’ll be able to work with our team to figure out what makes the most sense to keep your property and occupants safe while meeting more general-purpose regulations, keeping practicality, safety, and budget in mind.  

Different types of sprinkler systems require different schedules for testing and inspections. In fact, some systems have components that will require more frequent testing and inspection, such as systems in which mechanical devices need quarterly inspection, pressure switches that require semiannual checks, and complete system checks that should be performed annually. If you’re not sure, we can help you determine the best schedule for testing each aspect of your system, both for liability and compliance purposes and for general safety.

In many cases, yes. Most systems have aspects of maintenance, testing, and inspection that you should be performing on a monthly or even weekly basis, to ensure proper function in an emergency. It may seem like unnecessary excess caution in some cases, but a single failure of your sprinkler system can spell the end of your entire property. To learn what sort of maintenance makes sense for your system, look at manufacturer guidelines and speak with your inspector about steps to take.

While local laws about who has to have fire sprinklers can get surprisingly complicated, the majority of commercial buildings in any locale are going to require fire sprinklers in some amount, especially any new construction or older building being remodeled. You’ll need to look closely at how local laws apply to your building—or work with an experienced team to make that determination for you.   

Since you can’t just soak your office space on a whim to test your sprinklers, professional inspections are incredibly important. While your fire sprinkler system can’t be test-fired in any real way, a thorough check of every key component can help determine how your system is likely to perform in the event of a fire, identify any problems that need to be resolved, and suggest improvements.

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