Viking FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems

The FM-200 fire suppression system is designed to extinguish flammable liquids and electrical fires within 10 seconds. As the fastest waterless fire protection system available, protecting your business with the FM-200 system will result in less damage, lower costs for repairs, and increased safety for your property, equipment, and employees in the case of an emergency.

Viking is a top manufacturer of fire suppression systems –including the FM-200 – and has been a trusted name in fire protection throughout the U.S. since the 1920s. If you’re looking to install a Viking FM-200 system or to service or repair your existing system in the Houston or Greater Gulf Coast area, contact Kauffman Co. today.

Installing Your Viking FM-200 System

At Kauffman Co., we install Viking FM-200 systems (branded by Viking as VK-200 fire extinguishing system) for businesses and organizations of all types throughout the Houston area to ensure that your space is protected in the event of an emergency. Our certified and experienced technicians will ensure through every step of the installation process that your Viking FM-200 system will always work in a fire emergency.

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Recharging Your Viking FM-200 System

When it comes to fire suppression, you want to minimize “down time.” After a discharge, you should schedule your FM-200 recharge as soon as possible. It is extremely important to schedule this system recharge as soon as it discharges since you won’t be reminded of this space-saving fire protection it every day. Your best bet? When you find out your FM-200 system has gone off, call Kauffman Co.!

24-Hour Emergency Fire Suppression Services

While your business may not be open 24/7, a fire could happen at any time—regardless of whether you’re there or not. If you have a Viking FM-200 and want to prevent disasters around-the-clock, give us a call–Kauffman Co. offers 24-hour emergency fire suppression system services for all manufacturers, including Viking Automatic Sprinkler Co. 

Whether you need to schedule a routine maintenance check or an emergency repair for your Viking FM-200 fire suppression system, contact us today! Our family-owned fire protection company is dedicated to keeping your FM-200 system up-to-date, so your business will always be protected from a fire emergency.


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