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Business owners and managers have many responsibilities, chief among them being occupant safety and security. That includes ensuring fire safety. When an alarm system fails or is otherwise inoperable, business owners may be instructed by a fire marshal to seek professional fire watch services. At Kauffman Co., our fire safety experts offer the professional fire watch services that Houston business owners need to maintain safety and security on their property.

Don’t let a fire event disrupt your business’ daily operations. Maintain your building’s fire safety and security by contacting our team for fire watch services today!

What Are Fire Watch Services?

Fire watch services are on-site safety services performed by a specially trained fire safety and protection professional. While such professionals are not trained firefighters, they are able to assist in mitigating damage in the event that a fire does occur on the premises. Fire watch guards are typically required in the following circumstances:

  • Construction Sites: Construction sites are home to many potential fire hazards, which is why many local authorities require a fire watch professional to remain on-site throughout the duration of the build.
  • Malfunctioning Equipment: If your fire alarm system fails or malfunctions, a fire marshal may require a fire watch guard to be present in your place of business until the problem has been remedied.
  • Supply Interruptions: Businesses experiencing a water supply issue will likely require fire watch services, especially if their main source of fire prevention is a sprinkler system.
  • Fire Hazards: If your place of business involves chemical storage or has an otherwise increased risk of fire hazards, a fire watch guard is a good idea to help minimize danger during a fire event.

Does your Houston-based business require fire watch services? Get the professional assistance you need by contacting the fire watch guards at Kauffman Co. today!

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Houston Fire Watch Services We Provide

At Kauffman Co., our fire watch experts offer the comprehensive safety solutions that Houston business owners need to maintain compliance with current fire safety guidelines. Our team offers the following fire watch services throughout the region:

  • Patrolling: Our fire watch guards will patrol the premises at regular intervals, working in shifts to provide 24/7 facility coverage for as long as your building requires it.
  • Hazard Identification: We’ll help identify any conditions that pose an increased risk for a fire event, addressing them prior to escalation.
  • Log Keeping: Our fire safety professionals keep detailed logs required by local authorities and insurance companies of any information pertinent to monitoring the fire safety risk of your building.
  • Equipment Monitoring: If your fire monitoring system is inoperable or malfunctions, our team can help monitor the condition of any alarms or suppression equipment that exists on the premises.
  • Fire Department: If a fire event does occur, our team will contact the appropriate fire department and provide all the necessary information for helping them deliver the necessary response.

No matter what your fire watch service needs may be, our team has the fire safety experts you need to prevent against flame damage in your building. Contact our team to learn more about our fire watch services today!

Why Choose Kauffman Co. for Houston’s Fire Watch Needs?

For more than 35 years, Kauffman Co. has provided Houston business owners with the fire watch services they need to stay safe. Offering the most reliable fire safety and prevention services available in the region, our team is uniquely capable of handling all your fire watch service needs. We take pride in our customer-focused approach, doing whatever it takes to ensure you, your family, your employees, and your valuables are well-protected and buildings are up to code.

Our certified, trained Houston fire sprinkler and fire protection service technicians can design, install, inspect, test, and repair virtually any fire protection system, including sprinklers, suppression systems, extinguishers, fire pumps, kitchen fire suppression systems, and much more. No matter what your fire protection needs may be, Kauffman Co. is the only team you need to bring enhanced safety to your Houston home or business.

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Whether you’re starting construction on a new commercial building or have malfunctioning fire safety equipment, the fire watch guards at Kauffman Co. are here to help. Our fire watch services offer everything you need to ensure the utmost safety and security at your place of business.

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