Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers for Houston Businesses

Every commercial building in Houston needs fire extinguishers to improve occupant safety. However, the types of extinguishers you install depend on the potential fire risks in your building and what inventory you wish to safeguard. If you face common fire threats and want to protect sensitive electronics or documents, clean agent fire extinguishers could be right for you.

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What Are Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers?

Decades ago, Halon 1211 was the extinguishing agent of choice for buildings with sensitive equipment and materials. In fact, you may still have an old Halon extinguisher in your building. However, because Halon was found to damage the ozone layer, the Clean Air Act outlawed new production of this extinguishing agent in 1994.

In the years since then, manufacturers have filled the gap with clean agent alternatives. Today’s clean agent fire extinguishers use halocarbons to put out flames by interrupting the chemical reaction of the fire triangle.

The extinguishing agents are stored as a pressurized liquid inside a canister, just like ordinary CO2 extinguishers. When you press the lever, the clean agent exits the canister as a gas, cooling and smothering the fire to extinguish it quickly. Clean agents are effective against Class A, B, and C fires.

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Where Are Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers Used?

Clean agents are electrically nonconductive, use no water, and leave behind no residue. This makes them ideal for commercial and industrial facilities containing sensitive computers or materials that could be damaged by water or conventional fire extinguishers.

Some common places where clean agents are used include:

  • Data centers and server rooms
  • Telecomm facilities
  • Data storage areas
  • Clean rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Artifact storage rooms
  • Offices with computers and electronics
  • Boats and vehicles

What Are the Benefits of Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers?

You can expect great results from clean agent fire extinguishers thanks to these benefits:

  • No cleanup is required after discharge.
  • Halocarbons are much more environmentally friendly than Halon extinguishers, yet they offer comparable performance and efficiency.
  • It’s safe to discharge clean agents in occupied areas.
  • Clean agent extinguishers are FAA and EPA-approved.
  • Clean agents don’t damage computers and electronics.

Houston-Area Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Services from Kauffman Co.

If you want to protect your Houston building from the dangers of fire without risking your critical equipment or priceless artifacts, Kauffman Co. offers the clean agent fire extinguisher services you need.

  • Installation and replacement: Choosing the right fire extinguishers for your needs and installing them correctly is a vital first step in meeting your fire protection goals. Kauffman Co. has the knowledge and experience to make your Houston building safe and code compliant.
  • Inspection and testing: Fire extinguishers must be inspected for damage, proper labeling, and correct installation annually. Then, more extensive testing is required every few years. We can perform all inspections and tests as required by fire codes.
  • Recharge services: Whether you recently used an extinguisher to battle a fire, or it accidentally discharged a small amount, request recharge services from Kauffman Co. We’ll make sure your building isn’t left unprotected for any extended period of time.
  • 24/7 emergency response: Fires can strike at any time. That’s why Kauffman Co. is here for you 24 hours a day to provide the emergency services you need without delay.

If you’re not sure whether you’re due for fire extinguisher services, or you need help deciding if clean extinguishing agents are right for your Houston building, we’re here to help. To schedule the clean agent fire extinguisher services you need, please contact Kauffman Co.

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