Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation

Having a properly designed fire sprinkler is the single most important thing you can do to keep your Houston, Texas building safe from fires. At Kauffman Co., our team of experienced fire sprinkler design experts utilizes the latest CAD technology to provide professional, accurate system drawings along with hydraulic calculations and stock lists. Our designers are trained in all areas of fire sprinkler service, and understand the complex duties of installers, project managers, the fire department, insurance companies and fabrication shops. When you call Kauffman Co., you can be sure your fire sprinkler system will meet all local and national AHJ code requirements.

Our Sprinkler Design Capabilities

We can design any type of fire sprinkler system for any type of business environment. Call today for:

Special hazards – whatever the hazard level in your building, Kauffman Co. can design a sprinkler system to keep you protected. We can install foam and deluge systems, pre-action sprinklers, EFSR systems and even rack in sprinklers for warehouses and storage rooms.

Remodel/retrofit – whether you have plans in place or not, Kauffman Co. can design a sprinkler system for your building remodel. We can produce accurate “as build” drawings and are highly experienced at resolving piping issues during retrofits.

Tenant improvement – if you own or manage an apartment complex or other buildings with regular residents, it’s important to keep them safe at all times. Kauffman Co. can help design a fire sprinkler system for your tenant improvement project to keep everyone in your building totally protected.

New construction – if you need a fire sprinkler system in your new building, call Kauffman Co.! We can design a fire sprinkler system for any building, whether residential, institutional, commercial or industrial.

If you’re looking for a fire protection company in the Houston, Texas area to design your fire sprinkler system, call us today!

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Fire Sprinkler Design Basics

At Kauffman Co., we know every building is different, not only in layout but in design density, hazard level, etc. That said, we take a very specific approach to our fire sprinkler design process so we can be sure your sprinkler system will provide you with maximum protection.

Determine the hazard level in your building

The first step of our fire sprinkler design process is determining the hazard level of your building. This will give us an idea of the type of fire sprinkler you’ll need. We group buildings into five separate categories:

  • Light hazard
  • Ordinary hazard group 1
  • Ordinary hazard group 2
  • Extra hazard group 1
  • Extra hazard group 2

Factors involved in categorizing your building’s fire hazard level include the materials used in construction, the amount of people in the building, the types of materials stored inside and the processes performed inside, as well as things like ceiling heights, ease of egress and the number of individual floors and rooms.

Determine the design area and density

Once we’ve assessed the hazard level in your building, the next step of the fire sprinkler design process is to figure out the “design area,” which is the theoretical space where a fire breakout will do the most damage. Once we determine the exact risk level of this area, we apply the same level of risk to the rest of your building. Then we figure out how much water it would take to put out a fire in the design area and use this information in our fire sprinkler design to determine the types of sprinkler heads, the amount of pressure and the specifics of the fire sprinkler design.

Determine which type of fire sprinkler design will best meet your needs

It’s extremely important to have a fire sprinkler design that delivers the right amount of water to extinguish a fire in the design area. Aided by our advanced fire sprinkler design software, our fire sprinkler design engineers carefully calculate this amount, taking into account not only initial water pressure but also pipe friction, momentum, changes in elevation, etc.

Keep your building safe from fire – call Kauffman Co. today!

If you need to install a new fire sprinkler system in your Houston, Texas (TX) building, call Kauffman Co. today. Our skilled designers and project managers work directly with you to make sure your fire sprinkler system meets your exact needs. Don’t wait until disaster strikes before you start thinking about your building’s fire protection– call Kauffman Co. today!

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