Fire Sprinkler Inspections & Testing in Texas

Providing Fire Sprinkler Inspections in the Galveston & Houston Areas

Fire sprinkler inspection is so important that the Houston, Texas fire code recommends a monthly inspection. When it comes to maintaining or improving your commercial fire protection system, Kauffman Co.’s testing and inspection process will thoroughly assess your fire sprinkler system to ensure that they are functional and reliable.

If you need to upgrade your fire sprinkler system, we can do that, too! We offer fire sprinkler tax incentives and can provide you with an estimate

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Fire Sprinkler Inspections in Houston & Galveston

At Kauffman Co., all of our fire sprinkler technicians are licensed by the State of Texas to perform fire sprinkler inspections. During a routine fire sprinkler inspection, your technician will perform a visual check to make sure:


  • Meter size matches plans
  • Shut-off valves control sprinkler riser
  • Underground piping matches plans
  • Bell activates properly
  • Static pressure at riser meets or exceeds calculations
  • Flow test works properly, no partially closed valves
  • Riser is properly strapped
  • Sprinkler heads match plans and are not painted or damaged
  • Sprinkler heads are not obstructed

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Fire Sprinkler Testing Services

Professional Fire Protection in Houston & Galveston

The Houston fire code mandates that you have your fire sprinkler system tested once a year. During a fire sprinkler test from Kauffman Co., one of our certified technicians will test the fire alarm reaction and the flow of water through your system.

Our fire protection experts will also test each control valve by exercising it through its full range of motion, then returning it to its normal position by checking for valve seizure, broken seams, leakage or any other condition that might impair the valve’s proper operation. The valves will then be reset and relocked where appropriate.

At the end of the test, Kauffman Co. will document the results and maintain the records in case they need to be provided to a fire code official.

Contact Kauffman Co. today to schedule your annual fire sprinkler test in Galveston, Houston, or nearby in Texas! 

Other Reasons to Schedule a Fire Sprinkler Inspection

In addition to routine monthly checkups, your fire sprinkler system should be inspected every time there is a change in your building’s environment. Your fire sprinkler system is designed to meet very specific conditions, and when those conditions change, it is to make sure the sprinkler will still be able to do its job.

You should plan to have a professional fire sprinkler inspection if you have:

  • Changed or added a backflow preventer or water meter
  • Changed the occupancy or use of your building
  • Made any remodels to your building, such as adding walls, partitions, or additions
  • Experienced a change in water supplies (for water conservation or any other reasons)

Contact us if your building now requires another fire sprinkler inspection!

Your Fire Sprinkler Inspection Company Located in Houston & Galveston

If you need a monthly fire sprinkler inspection, if it is time for your annual test, or if you have made significant changes in your building, call Kauffman Co. today. Our certified, trained fire sprinkler systems experts can perform a full inspection and test of your fire sprinkler system to make sure that it is always operating at its optimum levels.

Don’t wait until a fire hits before you realize that your fire sprinkler system is faulty—if your building is located in the Houston or Galveston area, get in touch with Kauffman Co. today!

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