Fire Sprinkler Winterization Services

Every business should have fire sprinklers installed. Critical safety systems save lives and protect valuable equipment and other assets in the event of a fire.

Lack of maintenance is a leading cause of commercial fire sprinkler system failure. Routine inspections, testing, and repairs in accordance with NFPA 25 ensure a system operates as it should when it’s needed most. Sprinkler systems exposed to cold weather are particularly vulnerable to malfunction or catastrophic failure. 

Performing essential tasks like winterizing your building’s or facility’s fire sprinkler system prevents burst pipes that can flood part or all of your property. In worst-case scenarios, the system could fail to activate during a fire. Before the temperatures drop, contact Kauffman Co. to ensure your Houston-area business is prepared for any fire emergency all year long.

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Benefits of Preparing Drain Downs for Cold Weather

Don’t wait for freezing temperatures before preparing your commercial property for the colder months. Implementing proper drain-down procedures provides many benefits, including:

  • Preventing burst pipes: Draining water from your building’s plumbing system eliminates the risk of pipes bursting due to freezing temperatures, avoiding costly water damage and repairs.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Drain downs prevent freeze-related issues, saving building owners and managers significant money on emergency repairs and water damage restoration.
  • Ensured business continuity: Avoiding plumbing failures during winter helps maintain normal business operations and prevents disruptions to occupants or residents.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency: Removing water from the plumbing system reduces the energy required to maintain it, contributing to overall energy savings.
  • Extended plumbing lifespan: Protecting your plumbing system from the harmful effects of freezing temperatures can extend its useful life and delay the need for costly replacements.

Contact Kauffman Co. online today or call (713) 893-1090 to schedule an inspection of your fire sprinkler system before winter begins. 

Our Fire Sprinkler Winterization Process

The most effective way to prevent your commercial fire sprinkler system from freezing is to have it regularly maintained by a professional fire protection company throughout the year. To keep buildings safe from fire during the winter months, our certified and trained technicians perform a series of tasks based on the type of system you have.


Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems 

These systems are used in areas that cannot maintain a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above. They typically require more thorough assessments and routine maintenance to ensure they don’t freeze.

  1. Antifreeze systems are tested to ensure the solution adequately protects the system in freezing temperatures. If not, the system should be drained and the antifreeze replaced.
  2. Low points are drained of accumulated water to prevent damage and expensive repairs to the system and building.
  3. The air compressor is checked for proper functioning.
  4. A full operational test of the system confirms no leaks or malfunctions.

Wet Sprinkler Systems 

While water doesn’t freeze until it reaches 32 degrees, the NFPA requires wet sprinkler systems to be maintained at a minimum of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. These systems should never be exposed to freezing temperatures. 

  1. If your building or facility has unheated areas, consider installing sensors to monitor the temperatures. 
  2. Install insulation to protect exposed pipes.
  3. Inspect heat sources to verify they are operational and heat is evenly distributed. 

Choose Kauffman Co. for Professional Sprinkler Services

Don’t get caught in the cold — make sure your commercial fire sprinkler system is winter-ready with regular inspections, testing, and maintenance. Kauffman Co. provides exceptional fire protection services for businesses in Houston. Our customer-centric approach makes us the region’s one-stop shop for all your fire prevention needs.

Let Kauffman Co. get your fire sprinkler system ready for winter. Contact us online today or call (713) 893-1090.


Disclaimer: Winterizing commercial sprinkler systems can vary from one jurisdiction to another. Contact us for more information.

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