ABC Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguishers in the Houston Area

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ABC fire extinguishers are multi-purpose and are the most commonly sold fire extinguishers for businesses and commercial properties. Most often, they will put out the fire seen in ordinary office buildings—including your office or building space in the Houston, Texas area.

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ABC Fire Extinguishers in Houston, TX

The “ABC” of ABC fire extinguishers indicates the classes of fires that the extinguisher will be able to diffuse:

  • Class A – fires from wood, cloth, paper, plastic, etc.
  • Class B – fires from flammable liquids like gasoline
  • Class C – electrical fires from wiring and appliances

ABC multi-purpose fire extinguishers use a specially fluidized monoammonium phosphate dry chemical to fight against the most common fires that occur in homes and offices. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends fire extinguishers to quickly control smaller fires or contain fires until your local fire department arrives.

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How to Choose the Best Fire Extinguisher for Your Purposes

Selecting the best fire extinguishers for a given home or office can be challenging if you’ve never bought one before. Fortunately, it’s not all that complicated once you walk through a few basic points. 

Understand the classes of fire extinguisher

The first point of confusion for most first-time purchasers of fire extinguishers is the class system used to describe different extinguishers. A fire extinguisher is usually described with a series of letters explaining what classes it covers. The classes, A through F, describe what sorts of fires the extinguisher can handle.

  • Class A: Fire from wood, cloth, paper, plastic, and other flammable but not particularly volatile materials
  • Class B: Fire from more volatile liquids such as gasoline, grease, paints, oil, or the like.
  • Class C: Fire from electrical equipment, such as home appliances, power tools, entertainment systems, or faulty wiring.
  • Class D: Fire from flammable metals, common in industrial settings but rare in homes or offices.
  • Class K: Fires from the specific oils and fats used in cooking applications, overlapping with Class C but specialized for commercial cooking environments such as restaurants.

For a general-purpose extinguisher you might use in a home, office, school, or similar environment, most experts recommend ABC multi-purpose extinguishers, which can handle any fire likely in those environments. These are also the most common form of fire extinguisher.

Output appropriate for potential fires

What environment do you intend to use your fire extinguisher in? For the vast majority of consumers, the best fire extinguishers are all going to be ABC units of different sizes, with appropriate weight and output for the location. A larger fire extinguisher can put out a lot more fire before it runs dry, but they can be harder to handle in an emergency and more expensive to purchase and maintain.

Can the right people use it?

Think about who is going to potentially be using a fire extinguisher. Small compact units make a lot of sense in an environment where young, disabled, or elderly people may be expected to use an extinguisher in an emergency. General ease of use and handling are also important for healthy adults, especially if smoke becomes a problem.

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Bulk Sale of ABC Fire Extinguishers in Houston, TX

Do you need to install or replace any ABC fire extinguishers in your large office space or facility? Kauffman Co. also offers bulk fire extinguisher sales throughout the Houston area.

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Fire Extinguisher Resources

Take a look at the following fire extinguisher resources to learn more today:

Remember, after you buy a fire extinguisher, make sure you know how to use it! A fire extinguisher is only as useful as the person operating it. If you buy a fire extinguisher from Kauffman Co., remember to schedule a training session for proper fire extinguisher use. Those seemingly simple skills you learn could save your life someday!

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