Bulk Fire Extinguishers in Houston, TX

bulk fire extinguishers

If you own a large building or property in the Houston, Texas, area, it’s important that your facility is protected in case of a fire emergency. One component of effective fire protection is the installation, inspection, and refilling of commercial-grade fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers are a quick-response to control a fire that may break out in your office building, commercial kitchen, or production plant. But buying enough fire extinguishers to place throughout your property can get expensive.

Looking to purchase a bulk order of fire extinguishers? Our expert technicians at Kauffman Co. can help you select the best classification of fire extinguisher and create a custom bulk order that will ensure all areas of your building have appropriate fire protection precautions.

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Which Fire Extinguisher Should You Buy in Bulk?

When buying fire extinguishers for your Houston-area building, the most important thing to look at is the class of fire that the extinguisher is designed for. Depending on the property and use of your facility, you need to make sure that the fire extinguisher will be able to put out a fire. For example, restaurants require a different classification than an office building.

The different fire classifications are:

  • Class A: Wood, cloth, paper, plastic, etc.
  • Class B: Flammable liquids like gasoline
  • Class C: Electrical fires for wiring and appliances
  • Class D: Flammable metals (usually found in laboratories)
  • Class K: Kitchen fires (grease, hot oils, etc.)

ABC fire extinguishers are the most commonly sold fire extinguishers and will put out most fires seen in ordinary office buildings.

The size of fire extinguisher you should buy is largely dependent on the size of the space you want to protect, but remember — when buying a fire extinguisher, bigger (but not enormous) is usually better. You can never be too careful when it comes to fire safety!

If you’re looking to buy fire extinguishers in bulk, contact us today! Our technicians can ensure that you select the right classification for your commercial property’s needs.

Commercial Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Testing in Houston, TX

Fire extinguishers must be inspected, tested, and tagged annually to ensure they’ll protect your employees in case of a fire emergency. Far too often, property managers purchase fire extinguishers, mount them on the wall, and leave them there without ever thinking about them again. Fire extinguishers should be tested and inspected on an annual basis to ensure they are qualified to protect you in a fire emergency.

Are you located in Houston, Texas, or the Greater Gulf Coast area and are unsure whether your fire extinguishers are up to national and local safety requirements or if they are working at all? Contact Kauffman Co. today to schedule an appointment to test and inspect all your fire extinguishers or find out when you should have your next fire extinguisher inspection or test!

Fire Extinguisher Services in Houston, Texas

Whether you need to schedule an annual fire extinguisher inspection or drop by our office for an immediate recharge or replacement of your fire extinguishers, contact Kauffman Co. today! Our family-owned fire protection services company can service your bulk order of fire extinguishers to ensure you’ll always be protected in the event of a fire emergency.

Ready to schedule your Houston fire extinguisher service? Contact Kauffman Co. or call us now at (713) 893-1090.

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