Fire Protection Services for Residential Properties

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When your Houston home needs superior fire protection services, trust the professionals at Kauffman Co. We’re here to give you peace of mind that your residential property is safe with thorough and efficient fire protection and prevention.

With our customer-focused approach, we provide fast, reliable service to ensure that you’re protected against fire hazards. With exceptional service from our trustworthy and certified technician, you can rest assured that your home will be safe should a disaster strike. With installation, maintenance, and 24-hour emergency services, Kauffman Co. has your home in capable hands.

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Residential Fire Protection Services

When you work with Kauffman Co., you’ll get our industry-leading expertise. We strive to provide the highest quality services to our Houston residents and work closely with many regional and national organizations, including:

  • National Fire Sprinkler Administration
  • Associated Builders and Contractors – Greater Houston Chapter
  • Associated General Contractors of America 
  • American Fire Sprinkler Association 
  • Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association of Texas 
  • Construction Career Collaborative

To ensure your fire protection services are unparalleled, we offer our team of fire protection consultants to provide solutions that meet requirements and provide you with long-term protection and security; this includes designers, installers, project managers, and our sales team.

To speak with our team of fire protection consultants about residential fire protection, call us today at (713) 893-1090 or contact us online!

Residential Smoke Detector/Alarm Systems

Fire alarm and smoke detector systems are vital to your home’s fire protection. These systems are critical to alert you to danger in the home and get emergency service to you quickly.

At Kauffman Co., we’ll handle all of your fire alarm system needs, from installation to monitoring to routine testing to ensure that you’re always protected from fire hazards. 

Fire Extinguisher Services for Residential Properties

Fire extinguishers are a primary line of defense against house fires and can help stop a small flame from expanding into a critical emergency. Our team is here to help you select the right fire extinguishers for your home. There are five classes of extinguishers, such as:

  • Class A: For wood, cloth, paper, and plastic
  • Class B: For flammable liquids and ideal for garages
  • Class C: For electrical fires
  • Class D: For flammable metals
  • Class K: For grease or oil fires and ideal for kitchens

With our experts, we can provide you with the proper fire extinguishers to protect each area of your home. 

Trust Kauffman Co. for the best residential fire extinguisher services in Houston. Call us today at (713) 893-1090 or contact us online!

Trust Kauffman Co. for Residential Fire Protection Services in Houston

At Kauffman Co., we’re industry-leading experts in fire safety. With only the highest quality products and services, you can trust that our experienced technicians will provide exceptional customer service and give you and your family the sense of security you need and deserve.

With our 24-hour emergency service, we’re only a phone call away to ensure that you’re protected from a fire at all times, day or night. 

To protect your residential properties, let the team at Kauffman Co. provide you with fire prevention and protection solutions. Call us today at (713) 893-1090 or contact us online!

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