Fire Protection Tips for Houston Area Hotels

Whether you manage a hotel or simply plan to stay at one soon, it’s important to take hotel fire safety seriously. After all, hotels aren’t immune from fire hazards. Fortunately, there are steps hotel managers and guests can take to limit the risk of fire damage.

Fire Risks in Houston Hotels

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that an average of 3,520 hotel and motel fires break out in the US every year. This results in an average of nine civilian deaths, 120 civilian injuries and $84 million in property damage annually.

As with many other types of buildings, cooking equipment is the leading cause of hotel fires, accounting for half of all blazes. Other leading causes include malfunctioning heating equipment and clothes dryers, smoking materials, electrical sparks, and arson.

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How Hotel Managers Can Mitigate Fire Risk

As the hotel owner or manager, it’s your responsibility to make your hotel as safe as possible. Follow these tips:

Install and Maintain Fire Protection Equipment

  • Fire sprinklers are the first line of defense against a rogue blaze. When installed and maintained properly, sprinklers can often extinguish fires before emergency responders arrive.
  • Fire extinguishers put power in the hands of your staff. Make sure you install them according to Houston fire codes.
  • Fire suppression systems are beneficial in Houston hotel kitchens. They activate automatically to suppress the intense flames that can break out in commercial kitchens, saving lives and limiting property damage.
  • Fire alarm systems (complete with smoke detectors, pull stations, strobe lights, sirens, and other elements) serve an important purpose: alert building occupants of danger so they can evacuate. A well-maintained, up-to-code fire alarm system is crucial for keeping your Houston hotel guests safe from fire.

Follow Other Important Fire Safety Tips

In addition to installing necessary fire protection equipment, follow these other important fire safety tips:

  • Install self-closing doors in stairwells to help confine smoke, flames, and heat.
  • Offer fire extinguisher training to all newly hired staff members.
  • Make sure all workers are aware of your hotel’s evacuation plan, a copy of which should be posted in every room and main hallway.
  • Keep halls, stairwells, and doorways clear of obstructions.
  • Minimize the use of flammable materials, prohibit smoking in suites, maintain your heating equipment regularly and take other precautions to prevent fires.
  • Consider how any special events hosted at your hotel could impact your regular fire response plans.

How Hotel Guests Can Mitigate Fire Risk

When you stay at a hotel while on vacation, your thoughts are probably focused on all the fun you plan to have with your family. Follow these tips to help ensure the vacation goes off without a hitch:

  • Ask a hotel staff member if the building is equipped with smoke alarms and a sprinkler system.
  • Carefully read the evacuation plan mounted to the wall of your hotel room.
  • Locate two or more exit routes from your suite, such as the main door and a window.
  • Look for fire alarms on the floor you’re staying on.
  • Keep your room key near you so you can take it with you if the alarm sounds.
  • Use the stairs (not the elevator) in case of a fire emergency.
  • If you can’t escape your room during a fire, stuff wet towels under the door, call 911, phone the front desk and wait near the window for emergency responders.

For all your Houston hotel fire protection needs, contact Kauffman Co. online or call us at (713) 893-1090. We offer everything you need to safeguard your hotel guests and staff, from fire protection equipment installation and inspections to fire extinguisher training.

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