Fire Protection for Ocean-Going Vessels

Fire safety is important for all working conditions. However, it’s even more paramount for ocean-going vessels because workers have nowhere to evacuate but into the open water. Whether you own and operate an offshore oil drilling rig, petroleum refinery platform, or manmade island used for chemical production or manufacturing, fire protection should rank among your very top concerns.

Kauffman Co. can provide you with advanced fire suppression systems to ensure you meet all relevant industry standards and comply with OSHA regulations. As a leading provider of fire suppression agents, sprinkler systems and fire alarms in the greater Houston area, you can count on us to help you choose the right fire protection systems for your ship or rig stationed in the Gulf.

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Fire Suppression Experts

Since fires differ based on where they ignite and what they burn, a single fire suppression system may not be right for every room of your offshore vessel. For instance, in rooms containing computers, electronics and other delicate equipment, ordinary fire sprinklers are not the best option. As you know, water and electrical fires – not to mention the electronics themselves – don’t mix.

That’s why Kauffman Co. offers clean agent systems that employ chemical compounds to tackle fires without water. Combined with highly precise fire and smoke sensors – as well as properly positioned sprinkler heads and fire extinguishers – suppression systems can be incredibly effective at putting out fires that start on ocean-going vessels and offshore rigs.

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Fire Alarm Systems

At the heart of any fire protection system is the fire alarm. With strobe lights and sirens installed around your vessel, you ensure every staff member is alerted to the presence of a fire. This gives your fire safety deployment team the best chance of reacting quickly to save lives and preserve the facility.

Kauffman Co. installs fire alarms in offshore rigs, and we also test, repair, maintain, and service all fire alarm components. By taking measures to keep your fire alarm system in good working order, you help ensure the safety of your crew in the event of a fire.

Gas Detection Systems

Elevated levels of flammable gas on ocean-going vessels can be incredibly dangerous. A state-of-the-art gas detection system helps workers identify and correct issues before something catastrophic occurs.

From systems that provide an early warning of gas buildup to oxygen monitoring systems that ensure the health of your workers, Kauffman Co. can provide the safety devices you need to help prevent fires and explosions and ensure a breathable environment for your staff. These systems are obviously just as vitally important in oil drilling operations and other offshore facilities as fire suppression systems.

Kauffman Co. for Ocean-Going Vessels Fire Protection

Protecting your workers and assets with proper fire protection is essential. Contact Kauffman Co. online or call us at (713) 893-1090 today for guidance in choosing the best fire suppression system for your ocean-going vessel.

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