Fire Extinguisher Services in League City, Texas

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At Kauffman Co., our fire extinguisher services are designed with you and your business in mind. We offer complete fire extinguisher services, including:


Business owners can benefit greatly from fire protection and prevention in League City. If you are trying to protect one or more buildings, think proactively, and be sure to know what size and type of fire extinguisher you will need for your building, as well as how to choose the right amount of fire extinguishers for your space. These small upfront details often make a large difference in how you will cope in the event of a fire.

Not sure what fire extinguishers you need? That’s why we’re here! We’ll do an assessment of your building and help you figure out exactly what you need to best keep yourself protected.

If you need fire extinguisher installation in League City, call Kauffman Co. today at (713) 893-1090!

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Having fire extinguishers that don’t work is almost worse than having none at all! That said, if you don’t use your fire extinguishers often, it can be easy to let them slip into disrepair. Don’t go a day without total fire protection — call Kauffman Co. for fire extinguisher inspection in League City!

At Kauffman Co., we believe fire safety is essential, no matter if you are thinking of fire-proofing your office or a large commercial building. From fire sprinklers to fire extinguishers in commercial and residential buildings, we know it all to be a resource for our League City community. Call us today at (713) 893-1090 to schedule a consultation with our Texas fire prevention experts.


Annual fire extinguisher inspections are crucial for making sure your fire extinguishers will protect your employees and coworkers as well as equipment and business processes from fires. To inspect your fire extinguisher from a fire, follow the following steps:

  • Pick your fire extinguisher up once a month
  • Check the pressure gauge and carefully shake the fire extinguisher
  • Observe for any markings or sounds that seem out of the ordinary

Sounds that your fire extinguisher is broken, or that it may need maintenance, includes seeing that a needle is pointed in the red, or there is evidence of caked up extinguishant. In any case that you think your fire extinguisher is outdated, broken, or in need of replacement, call Kauffman Co. right away!


Once your fire extinguisher has been used, it has to be replaced right away – even if it’s only been used a little bit. If you’ve recently used your fire extinguisher for any reason, call Kauffman Co. for fire extinguisher replacement in League City!

When you discharge any of the extinguishant from your fire extinguisher, you also relieve some of the pressure in the canister, which can keep your extinguisher from working properly the next time you try to use it. Don’t take the risk — if you’ve discharged your fire extinguisher and need fire extinguisher replacement in League City, call Kauffman Co. today!

Haven’t used your fire extinguisher but not sure if it needs to be replaced? Call Kauffman Co. and let us take a look at it! We’ll inspect the canister, nozzle and hose for cracks, leaks, dents, and other damage that might compromise its fire extinguishing capabilities. Remember, having a non-working fire extinguisher is as bad as or worse than not having one at all.

If you need fire extinguisher replacement in League City, call Kauffman Co. at (713) 893-1090 today!


If you’ve used a fire extinguisher but don’t want to have it replaced, you can also have it recharged. At Kauffman Co., we offer bulk fire extinguisher recharge in League City. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you used the whole can or just a tiny bit — even a few lost milliseconds of pressure or extinguishant could mean the difference between an extinguished fire and an out of control fire the next time you have to use your extinguisher.

If you own or operate a building in the Houston and League City area, we want to make sure your fire extinguishers are kept in good shape to protect your building from fires. Our family-owned and -operated fire protection company has provided fire extinguisher services in the League City and Houston Sugar Land Baytown area for years, and we can make sure your building is supplied and ready with the appropriate size, type and amount of fire extinguishers.


At Kauffman Co., our number one priority is protecting life and property in your League City, Texas, building. If you need fire extinguisher installation, fire extinguisher replacement or fire extinguisher recharge, call us today!

For more information, contact us online or call us now at (713) 893-1090.

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