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Do Fire Extinguishers Expire?

This is a question that we get all the time. And it’s an important question—if you’ve had your fire extinguisher for a few years (think five or more), you might be thinking it’s time for fire extinguisher replacement. Well the good news is, fire extinguishers of any kind (dry chemical, wet chemical, etc.), don’t typically expire. They may occasionally need recharging, however, especially after you discharge them.

How can I tell if I need to recharge my fire extinguisher?

The only way to really tell if you need fire extinguisher recharge is by having your fire extinguisher inspected—by yourself once a month, and annually by a professional fire extinguisher inspection company like Kauffman Co., who will place month and year inspection tags on the extinguisher. We’ve written in the past about performing monthly fire extinguisher inspections, but the most important thing to do is make sure the needle on the pressure gauge is in the green zone—this means your fire extinguisher is fully charged and will be ready when you need it. If it’s in the red, call your fire protection company as soon as possible.

Is it better to replace or recharge a fire extinguisher?

It depends. If your extinguisher is still fairly new (less than five years old), recharging may be an option. For the most part, however, fire extinguisher replacement is just as good—it typically costs about the same as recharging and will guarantee the extinguisher works perfectly.

Is there anything else I need to do with my fire extinguisher?

In addition to having your extinguisher inspected annually, you should have it hydrotested every 12 years. A fire extinguisher hydrotest is the best way to check for any cracks or degradation of the fire extinguisher shell and will help you tell whether your old fire extinguishers are up to the task.

Fire extinguishers are some of the most important things you can have in your building to keep it safe from fires. But in order for your fire extinguishers to keep you safe, it’s your responsibility to keep them well maintained! For all your fire extinguisher needs in Houston, Texas, call Kauffman Co. today. Our fire protection technicians have decades of combined experience and will make it easy to keep you safe at all times.

If you need fire extinguisher inspection, replacement or recharge, click here or call Kauffman Co. today!

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