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Do I Need Both Fire Extinguishers and a Fire Sprinkler System?

Many decisions for your business or organization require a “this or that” answer (for example, going with a particular software or selecting your brand of printer), but when it comes to fire protection for your office space, it is not a simple A or B choice. To meet both local and state fire codes and protect your employees, assets, and buildings as much as possible, it is important to have a full fire protection system in place.

Many people ask us at Kauffman Co. if they need fire extinguishers when they already have a fire sprinkler system installed, or vice versa. Here are the individual benefits of each fire protection system and why you need both for your company!

Fire Sprinkler System Protection

You can’t be at your office all the time, so it is important to have a fire protection system in place that will fight a fire no matter what day of the week or hour of the day. Fire sprinkler systems are essential in providing 24/7 protection against unexpected fire emergencies and help minimize damage and downtime after a fire.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets standards on what types of companies and office spaces require sprinkler systems—depending on occupancies and hazard classifications. While different laws and adaptions will vary from city to city, choosing to install a fire sprinkler system will help minimize downtime, damage, and injury after a fire occurs in your office space. It is ultimately better to be overly prepared for a fire emergency than to survey the burned foundation of where your office once stood.

Fire Extinguisher Protection

Fire extinguishers are your first line of defense during a fire emergency—they can put out a small fire that might normally escalate into devastating damage. To meet local fire codes—you can also find these from the NFPA—you should have fire extinguishers that are regularly inspected and recharged throughout your entire office space.

But what if you already have a fire sprinkler system—are fire extinguishers really going to help? If your building experiences a dip in water pressure, the system’s pipes may not get enough water to efficiently put out a fire. If you have a fire pump to combat this issue but haven’t had it inspected and tested regularly, it may not help either. Locating and utilizing your fire extinguisher may be your most effective way to diffuse a fire that has broken out in your office. Fire extinguishers are required in all buildings other than homes in the United States and are great resources to control small fires.

Other Fire Protection Services

Full-service commercial fire protection allows you to smoothly run your business and sleep in peace knowing that your building or office space is protected around the clock from a fire emergency. Once your fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler system are installed and regular inspections are scheduled, Kauffman Co. offers 24-hour emergency fire protection services, including repair and maintenance around Houston and the Greater Gulf Coast area.

As a family-owned fire protection company, we are dedicated to keeping your fire protection systems up-to-date, so your Houston area business will always be protected if a fire strikes. Our services do not end with sprinklers and extinguishers. Our licensed professional are experienced in:

Contact us today and let Kauffman Co. ensure that your business will be fully prepared if a fire strikes. 

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