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Our Expert Tips for Keeping You and Your Family Safe This Summer


Our Expert Tips for Keeping You and Your Family Safe This Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to wind down and have fun with friends and family. However, it’s pertinent to ensure safety measures are prioritized at all times.

Grilling, starting campfires, and setting off fireworks are all common summer activities, but where there’s fire, there’s a chance of potentially hazardous situations.

Below, we discuss safety tips and tricks to keep in mind during the summer so you can get back to enjoying the fun safely!

Fire Safety for Outdoor Cooking & Grilling

Not much is better than grilling out your favorite foods for yourself and your loved ones. Grilling is perfect for tailgating sports games, celebrating birthdays, or simply just having a dinner party with your best people; before firing up the grill, you must consider certain aspects for a safe and efficient experience.

First, set up your grill outside in a place unhindered from branches and other structures or overhangs. Also, consider what type of grill you have. While fires can occur with charcoal grills, 4 out of 5 grill fires happen with gas grills. Check to guarantee your gas line is not leaking and is appropriately attached. Having a fire extinguisher nearby is a good rule of thumb.

Cleaning your grill before and after use will ensure no grease buildup can act as fuel for a fire. Never leave your grill unattended when it is in operation, and practice safe cooking methods like using long utensils to avoid burning yourself.

Dispose of all ashes in a metal container and completely close the gas valve on your grill, allowing your grill to cool before storing it — and your propane tank — away from your home.

Fire Safety for Campfires

Campfires are a fun way to unite people, but they can get out of hand quickly if not careful. You must observe local burn bans and conditions before igniting a fire.

First, choose a setup point away from overhanging branches, dry leaves, and other debris that can catch fire. Ensure there is a clearing around the fire pit, build the fire properly with fire starters instead of flammable liquids, and keep the fire small and contained.

Extinguish the campfire safely by having a water supply nearby so you can douse it with water and stir the ashes. Ensuring it is completely out before leaving the site is crucial for preventing wildfires.

Safety Tips for Fireworks

A celebratory favorite, fireworks are unmatched. To enjoy them safely, you must double-check what dates, times, and types are permitted in your area — only purchase legal fireworks labeled for consumer use, not professional. While firecrackers and sparklers are two of the most accident-prone types, always properly ignite and handle all fireworks.

Keep a safe distance from fireworks, and ensure an adult supervises at all times. Never reignite duds and have the proper means of extinguishing and disposing nearby. Soak used fireworks in water, wrap them in plastic wrap or bags so they do not dry out, and dispose of them in garbage containers.


Kauffman Co. wants to help you stay protected from the effects of fires without fail. Unsafe fire practices can lead to damages, injuries, or even deaths, so always remember that prevention pays off for peace of mind!

We have completed a slew of fire protection projects in Baytown, Houston, Corpus Christi, and other communities since 2006, and our trustworthy, experienced, and certified technicians will be there to provide fast, reliable service using a customer-focused approach. We even offer 24-hour emergency service!

Check out our fire safety guides:

Read through our Fire Extinguisher Checklist and schedule fire protection services with our team today!

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