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How to Refill an FM-200 Fire Suppression System

If your building or facility has an FM-200 fire suppression system in operation, you should already know that it is crucial to recharge (or refill) the system as soon as possible after every use or discharge. A properly working system should respond to even a small electrical fire within seconds. It works by immediately reacting and diffusing the fire before it has time to do more damage to your computer room, data center, archives storage, etc.

Because the system reacted and put out the fire, it now is not as prepared to extinguish the next fire—unless you get it recharged. With no FM-200 gas to discharge, even another small fire could lead to great property loss or damage if it cannot be contained as quickly as it would with a working fire suppression system.

Can You Recharge an FM-200 System Yourself?

A professional fire protection company will need to refill and recharge your FM-200 system. FM-200 is a clean agent gas that is discharged through your system to quickly put out a fire without the water damage that could come with a fire sprinkler system—especially in a room of computers, archives, etc.

Licensed fire protection companies can refill your system with the gas used in the system and check for any need for repair or maintenance on your system.

While FM-200 is safe for humans when discharged, has no ozone depleting properties, and is the most effective, cleanest fire suppression system available, you will still need to contact a professional. Because the equipment operates under extremely high pressure, it can be dangerous for someone who is not properly trained. Attempting to adjust or disassemble the pressurized equipment yourself is not only dangerous, but it can also tamper with how the system will operate and help protect from a fire.

FM-200 Recharge Company in Texas

Remembering to schedule a recharge of your FM-200 system as soon as your system discharges is especially important because, unlike fire extinguishers, you probably won’t see your system every day—like they say, “out of sight, out of mind.”

When you find out your FM-200 system has gone off, call Kauffman Co!

We are a leading fire protection company in the Houston, Texas (TX) area and our licensed fire suppression technicians can come recharge your system, ensuring that you have plenty of FM-200 gas to continue protecting your employees, building, and assets. All of our employees are properly trained to safely recharge your system to prevent any damage or injury from the pressurized gas.

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