Fire Protection Services in Laredo, TX

Fires are easy to control during the early stages, but only if you have the right equipment. We provide fire protection services to every business type imaginable in Laredo, TX. From commercial restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls, and offshore facilities, our 24-hour emergency services and fire code corrections will keep your business and its employees safe.

We specialize in a range of industries, including the following:

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Commercial properties

  • Industrial buildings

  • Institutions and healthcare facilities

  • Governments and municipalities

  • Food service kitchens and hotels

  • Apartment complexes

  • Offshore oil facilities and marinas

Your Safety Comes First Choose dependable fire protection
services from Kauffman

Fire Alarm Services in Laredo

A rapid response is the key to fire prevention, so your fire alarm is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in your building. We expertly install fire alarm systems, including photoelectric and ionization alarms. We also offer a range of other fire alarm services, including: 

Having functioning fire alarms and scheduling maintenance will ensure that your staff can evacuate or extinguish a small blaze before it becomes life-threatening.

Fire Extinguisher Services

Fire extinguishers are a highly effective solution to controlling early-stage fires. We’ll ensure you have the correct extinguishers installed strategically throughout your building and our curbside extinguisher services allow you to recharge and purchase the equipment at your convenience. We also offer the following:

For fast and reliable fire extinguisher services in Laredo, TX, call 713-893-1090 or contact us online today!

Fire Suppression Services in Laredo, TX

Fire suppression systems can extinguish fires automatically, so they protect your building around the clock, even when it’s empty. Our suppression equipment deprives fires of oxygen, fuel, or heat, so they’re an excellent solution for challenging environments like commercial kitchens and aircraft hangers. We’ll handle every component of your suppression strategy, including inspections, routine testing, and repairs.

Your Safety Comes First Choose dependable fire protection
services from Kauffman

Fire Sprinkler Services

In 95% of fires, sprinklers confine a blaze to a single room. That’s a lot of power, so this is valuable equipment integral to your survival. Sprinklers respond automatically to contain a burgeoning crisis. We offer wet and dry sprinkler systems to cater to businesses with equipment that can’t withstand water damage. Kauffman Co. covers all your fire sprinkler requirements, including:

Fire Pump Services in Laredo

Your fire pump carries water from an underground supply or tank. Our team will ensure that your fire pumps are in peak condition with services, including:

Fire pumps are essential for many water-based systems, so they must be correctly installed and maintained. A poorly installed and functioning fire pump can’t provide the water pressure needed by your sprinklers to take care of a fire emergency.

Schedule your building’s fire pump services in Laredo, TX, by calling 713-893-1090 or contacting Kauffman Co. online.

Underground Fire Main Services

An underground fire main brings water to your building from a municipal supply so that your equipment has what it needs to extinguish a blaze. Rust, breakage, and leaks can cause catastrophic failure, so your pump needs plenty of attention once it’s installed. We’re ready to handle your underground fire main installation, repair, and testing services.

Your Safety Comes First Choose dependable fire protection
services from Kauffman

Why Choose Kauffman for Your Building’s Fire Protection?

Kauffman Co. has the knowledge to keep you compliant with state, federal, and local codes. As a family-owned business, we turn old-fashioned values into proactive service excellence. Our technicians are certified and heavily trained to address your property’s safety requirements. As one of the region’s top fire protection companies, we provide fire protection you can trust.

Trust Kauffman Co. to keep your occupants and building safe during fire emergencies. Contact us online or call 713-893-1090 to schedule fire protection services today!

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