Fire Protection Services in Hebbronville, TX

A sound fire protection strategy can address a blaze before it becomes uncontrollable. Kauffman Co. has an intimate understanding of fire safety. Our fire protection services cover every component of a rational strategy, from sprinklers and extinguishers to alarms and fire pumps. With us, your building and everyone inside will be better prepared and protected against a fire emergency. 

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Your Safety Comes First Choose dependable fire protection
services from Kauffman

Fire Alarm Services 

A fully functioning fire alarm alerts residents of hazards so that they can make a safe exit. This system also allows you to respond when a fire is detected to minimize damage to your possessions and employees. Our fire alarm services include the following:

We handle every fire alarm service you’ll need, from installation and maintenance to repairs and supporting equipment. We also install fire alarms from top-notch manufacturers from Autocall and Kidde.

Fire Sprinkler Services in Hebbronville, TX

Fire sprinklers keep guard over your building long after its residents sleep. They’re the most proactive way to safeguard an abandoned business or home, but sprinklers are only some made alike. We offer bespoke sprinkler designs for every industry, from restaurants and hotels to data centers.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal wet or dry system, we’ll handle repairs and tune-ups as the need arises. We’ll handle your building’s fire sprinkler design and installation, as well as your:

Once you’ve chosen the ideal wet or dry system, we’ll handle repairs and tune-ups as the need arises. Plus, our 24-hour fire sprinkler service ensures that you receive a repair when required. 

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Fire Extinguisher Services

Fire extinguishers differ from the kind of equipment you can forget about when you install them. An ailing extinguisher can have devastating effects, so your equipment must be regularly serviced and well-installed. Our fire extinguisher services include the following:

We’ll handle your installations and replacements so that your staff can act at the most critical stage of every fire: before it turns into an all-encompassing blaze. 

Fire Suppression Services

Installing a fire suppression system makes economic sense. This equipment addresses the three triggers that allow a fire to spread: heat, oxygen, and fuel. We develop custom suppression systems to address the unique hazards of various industries. Our team of expert fire protection technicians and installers will help with your fire suppression needs, including:

Your Safety Comes First Choose dependable fire protection
services from Kauffman

Fire Pump Services

Your sprinklers are nothing without a reliable fire pump. This isn’t the kind of technology you can cut corners on, so we install, repair, and test some of the best manufacturers in the business. We work with Aurora, Fairbanks, Grundfos, and more.

Exceptional quality will ensure that your sprinklers have the water pressure required to extinguish a fire in good time. We’ll ensure your pump is in top shape.

Underground Fire Main Services in Hebbronville

Your fire mains connect your sprinklers to the municipal water supply, providing a dedicated line for fire suppression. Kauffman Co. is a fire protection company with a difference. Our services involve every aspect of your fire safety, including your underground fire mains. Our underground fire main services include the following:

This equipment gives your sprinklers everything they need to fend off fires while you wait for emergency services. We comprehensively understand the NFPA 24 standards so that we can retrofit your line to perfection.

Choose Kauffman Co. for Your Fire Protection Services in Hebbronville, TX

Kauffman Co. specializes in life safety services for commercial buildings, offshore facilities, and institutions. Our unparalleled expertise and customized solutions will give you the edge against the most challenging hazards. We take a personal interest in our community, always relying on certified technicians and unmatched expertise. 

Make your building fire-safe with Kauffman Co.’s Hebbronville team by calling 713-893-1090 or contacting us online.

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