Fire Protection Services in Bonanza Hills Botines, TX

Catching fires early lets you protect your workers and property while limiting damage; some manufacturing plants, industrial buildings, apartment complexes, and other facilities may also face expensive code violations from faulty equipment. Since 2006, Kauffman Co. has specialized in advanced fire protection services for Bonanza Hills Botines’ businesses.

Whether you have a retail business, commercial restaurant, or another industry, we offer fire watch servicesfire code corrections, and fire protection upgrades and reconditioningWith excellent industry affiliations, numerous fire protection projects, and 24-hour emergency service, your safety comes first.

Your Safety Comes First Choose dependable fire protection
services from Kauffman

Fire Alarm Services

Your fire alarm system is vital to keeping your building up to code. It also gives your staff time to evacuate and extinguish small blazes before they become life-threatening.

Kauffman Co.’s fire alarm services include: 

Our expert team of fire protection technicians will also take care of your building’s fire alarm installation with ionization or photoelectric alarms.

To schedule reliable fire alarm services in Bonanza Hills Botines, call (713) 893-1090 or contact us online.

Fire Sprinkler Services

Protecting your business around the clock can be challenging if you are not there after hours, on weekends, or on holidays. Hence, installing a fire sprinkler system is essential for everyone’s safety in case of a fire emergency. Our fire sprinkler services include:

Fire Extinguisher Services in Bonanza Hills Botines, TX

Untested fire extinguishers can fail and cause a small fire to escalate. Limit damage with our efficient fire extinguisher services as your first line of defense. 

Our services include:

Give your facility the best fire protection in Bonanza Hills Botines. Call (713) 893-1090 or contact us online for fast, reliable service today! 

Fire Suppression Services

If your business has valuable equipment or sensitive materials, an effective fire suppression system can automatically extinguish fires 24/7, even if no one is on your property. 

Our fire suppression services include foam suppression, fire hose reels, tamper switches, flow switches, valves, and alarm bells to deprive fires of fuel, oxygen, and heat. 

As excellent solutions for challenging environments such as airplane hangers and industrial kitchens, we offer fire suppression inspections and testing and fire suppression repairs

Fire Pump Services

Never let a dip in water pressure prevent your sprinklers from working effectively in a fire emergency. Your building in Bonanza Hills Botines needs a reliable fire pump system that protects your property, staff, and business. We offer:

Kauffman Co. offers services for Aurora, Fairbanks, and Grundfos fire pump systems, ensuring that your fire sprinkler system will always have the water pressure it needs from an underground tank or supply. 

To schedule fire pump services in Bonanza Hills Botines, TX, call (713) 893-1090 or contact us online now.

Underground Fire Main Services

Sprinklers and fire hydrants let you quickly extinguish property fires and avoid catastrophic failure. Installing a fire pump (water from your municipal supply) lets firefighters instantly hook their hoses to douse the fire further. 

Our fire prevention and protection solutions include underground fire main installation, testing, and repair services. We also offer routine maintenance to keep your underground fire lines free from rust, leaks, and breakages. 

Your Safety Comes First Choose dependable fire protection
services from Kauffman

Choose Kauffman Co. for Your Fire Protection Services in Bonanza Hills Botines, TX 

Kauffman Co. is your complete fire protection source. Let us help you stay up to code with the latest fire protection and prevention systems. Whether you are in Bonanza Hills Botines or a surrounding area, our fully certified technicians receive regular training and will ensure your property has the relevant safety requirements it needs. 

Get the latest comprehensive fire protection solutions for your Bonanza Hills Botines property. Call Kauffman Co. at (713) 893-1090 or contact us online today!

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