Fire Protection Systems for Strip Malls

Fires can devastate whatever building they ignite in. As a strip mall owner, do you have the necessary precautions in place to protect each vendor’s employees and customers? Consider these incidents reported by the National Fire Protection Association regarding fires in strip malls:

  • In December 2009, a person living behind a strip mall accidentally ignited a mattress with a candle. The flames went out of control and caused four businesses in the strip mall to sustain a collective $300,000 in damage.
  • In August 2012, a fire started in a strip mall when circuits leading to junction boxes without proper coverings arced and ignited the wall and items stored around it. With no sprinklers or fire alarms in the building, emergency teams arrived too late. The mall sustained $1 million in damage.

Fire Hazards in Strip Malls

There are many fire hazards and risks for strip malls. When you’re consulting with a professional fire protection company to ensure your property is up to code, be sure to discuss:

  • Commercial Kitchen Appliances: Cooking requires the use of hot appliances and flammable fuels. All you need is one food vender or restaurant and you have the possibility for a fire in your strip mall.
  • Electrical Equipment: Any number of businesses could rent out space at your strip mall. A fire could start from a simple spark, overloaded wiring, tanning bed malfunction, cleaning chemicals, or a number of other sources.
  • Candles: The story of the candle outlined above is just one example. Candles are common in spas, salons, restaurants, and other businesses in your strip mall that want to set a mood. Anywhere an employee uses an open flame, you should have the right fire protection systems in place to guard against disaster.
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Fire Protection Systems for Strip Malls

While these risks exist, up-to-code and properly installed fire protection systems can prevent great damage or loss of life from a fire. Your comprehensive fire protection system should include:

  • Fire sprinklers: Set off by the licking flames of a fire, fire sprinklers send out jets of water to extinguish the fire quickly—helping ensure that it doesn’t spread to other areas of the strip mall. This can minimize the damage and help get your business back up and running sooner.
  • Fire alarms: The noise and flashing lights of a fire alarm system alert everyone at your strip mall of an emergency. Be sure to have your fire alarms inspected regularly to verify the system is working properly. This is vital for keeping your property up to code.
  • Fire alarm monitoring: Fire alarms work great when people are there to call the fire department, but what if no one is around to alert the authorities? Fire alarm monitoring is a must for protecting your strip mall from fire 24 hours a day. It essentially creates a connection between your building’s fire alarms and the local fire department. That way, within seconds of the alarm going off, emergency personnel are on their way.
  • Fire extinguishers: Each vendor within the strip mall should be equipped with a fire extinguisher. Make sure each individual proprietor trains new employees in how to use fire extinguishers properly. A quick response from an employee could prevent a life-threatening disaster.
  • Fire suppression: If your strip mall includes a food court, fast food vendors or restaurants, fire suppression is vital for keeping kitchen fires under control. This type of fire suppression may include FM-200, halon, or foam systems. Whatever you choose, make sure you seek professional installation and maintenance to keep the system in good working order in case the unimaginable happens.

Strip Mall Fire Protection System Services in Houston

The last thing you need is for a fire to ignite on your property, potentially causing fatal results and irreversible damage to the building. To guard against this scenario, have fire protection systems professionally installed in your Houston, Texas strip mall today. For more information, please contact Kauffman Co.

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