Fire Safety Training for Restaurant Employees

Your bartender ignites a beautiful flame above a drink as a party trick. Your cook spreads hot oil over the surface of a pan. Your servers politely reach over tables to light candles and create that soft, evening glow so many patrons admire. Restaurants—with all of their open flames, kitchen and cleaning equipment, electrical connections, and paper products—are a high-risk space for the perfect fire.

At Kauffman Co., we provide advice about restaurant fire safety to protect the lives and property close to your commercial business. From fire extinguisher installations, to fire sprinkler maintenance or repair, you can count on us for all of your fire safety needs in and near Houston, TX.

Restaurant Fire Safety: Preventive Maintenance

It’s not uncommon for there to be a high turnover in restaurants, or to hire year-round for various positions. For a restaurant owner concerned about fire safety, this means one of the best methods to reduce risks of a restaurant fire is to invest in preventive maintenance.

  • Install a fire-suppression system – Did you know that over half of restaurant fires involve cooking equipment? Fire suppression systems are fast-acting in the event of a fire because they can automatically or manually release chemicals that help suppress flames and can shut down the fuel or electric supply of nearby cooking equipment. Find out how to install a fire suppression system in your restaurant and remember to schedule routine inspections.

Find out more about restaurant fire suppression codes in Houston or call Kauffman Co. to ask us about your options in restaurant fire safety. 

  • Check that you have Class K fire extinguishersThese fire extinguishers are meant to be used in kitchen fires that involve grease, fats, and oils that burn at very hot temperatures. You may also want to place Class ABC extinguishers nearby for fires that occur outside of the kitchen.
  • Perform routine maintenance and inspections – When is the last time you checked for restaurant fire hazards, such as frayed cords or wires, cracked or broken switch plates, or grease buildup on kitchen equipment? Monthly and quarterly inspections of your restaurant and its equipment is vital when you routinely serve a high volume of customers.

Ream more about fire protection in Houston area restaurants or fast food restaurant fire protection.

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Training Your Staff in Restaurant Fire Safety

Give your staff the tools to protect themselves and the patrons of your restaurant in the event of the fire. What they can learn about restaurant fire safety can help them protect more lives and more property in the event of a fire, and reduce the risks of loss.

  • Teach “PASS” – When using a fire extinguisher, remember to PULL out the pin, AIM at the base of the fire where it is strongest, SQUEEZE the lever (or button) to initiate flow, and SWEEP the fire extinguisher from side-to-side at the base of the fire.
  • Clean Away Grease and Ash – Check that your exhaust hoods, walls, work surfaces, vents, and filters are all routinely cleaned of grease. Ashes that build up in wood or charcoal ovens must be cleaned out daily. Place these ashes outside in a metal container that is several feet away from any buildings or flammable materials.
  • Do Not Throw Out Lit Cigarettes – Smoking can be a serious issue in the restaurant industry. Always make sure cigarettes are out before tossing them in a trash receptacle, and do not smoke near storage areas.
  • Practice Safe Storage – Flammable liquids should be properly labeled in strong, tightly-sealed containers that are placed far away from combustible materials. Keep paper products and food away from heat and cooking sources, and dispose of trash at least once a day.
  • Encourage Kitchen Safety – Throwing water onto hot grease is a powerful way to cause an accidental kitchen fire! Never throw water on a grease fire, and be sure to train your staff ongoingly on the preventive measures that should be taken to reduce the risks of a kitchen fire.

Do you know your restaurant fire suppression codes in Houston? You may want to find out more about restaurant fire safety for your commercial business.

Restaurant Fire Safety Training in Houston

No matter what type of restaurant or commercial business you are a part of, always have an evacuation plan that you can go over in staff trainings and routine meetings. Fire safety doesn’t stop in the kitchen, and it is the responsibility of your entire staff to work together to prevent emergencies and promote safety.

At Kauffman Co., our mission is to help protect people and property by providing endless information, resources, and services in fire safety. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to protect you with fire safety services in Houston, TX.

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