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How To Protect Your Business From a Winter Fire

With heating equipment and seasonal decorations in wider use between December and February, the National Fire Protection Association has found more fires in winter than in any other season. 

It’s crucial to protect your assets with a proactive fire safety response. The regulatory ecosystem requires it of you by law, but that doesn’t make fire safety any easier to manage on your own. Your business needs to be equipped with the correct fire suppression and alarm equipment, which can be complicated.

Your approach needs to address the unique risks of your business, so you need a fire specialist with working experience across industries. We install new systems, then inspect and maintain them throughout the year. We’re a one-stop shop for all your fire safety needs

Causes of Commercial Fires During Winter

The winter chill and seasonal festivities introduce their unique fire hazards to your business through heating equipment and holiday lighting.

The most common causes of winter commercial fires include:

  • Faulty heating and cooling technologies, particularly poorly maintained HVAC units 
  • Incorrectly stored combustibles
  • Electrical faults in lighting, electric cables, and multi-plugs 
  • Frayed wires
  • Overloaded outlets and extension cords
  • Office kitchen fires
  • Irresponsible use of portable or space heaters

Commercial fires can devastate your business and its employees, so it’s crucial to be proactive with your fire safety measures. 

Ways You Can Protect Your Business

A flame combusts into a blaze in under 30 seconds. Within minutes, your employees will be at risk of smoke inhalation, but if your fire response equipment is correctly stocked and placed, you can prevent catastrophe.

Your fire safety equipment and staff complement are your greatest assets in your fire prevention efforts. You can eliminate risk by:

  • Have your fire alarm and suppression systems tested annually to ensure they’re fully functional.
  • Servicing your fire extinguishers every year as well as after every discharge.
  • Making sure your boiler and HVAC systems are functioning correctly through annual or biannual maintenance.
  • Banning hazardous space heaters from your facilities and buildings.
  • Keeping heat sources clear of flammable materials.
  • Storing combustibles correctly.
  • Reaching your staff fire-safe kitchen habits.
  • Banning indoor smoking and maintaining a designated smoking area at least 25 feet from your building.
  • Having your electrical wiring and outlets inspected regularly.
  • Keeping cables away from high-traffic areas and rugs.
  • Staying fully stocked with charged fire extinguishers and having them checked regularly.
  • Educate your staff on fire safety and how to use your extinguishers.
  • Planning a company-wide escape strategy and scheduling regular fire drills.

Why Choose Kauffman Co.?

Kauffman Co. specializes in fire safety in various industries, including commercial properties, manufacturing, healthcare, and institutions. We’ve been keeping businesses safe since 1953. Our comprehensive services include fire suppression equipment, sprinklers, alarms, and staff education.

Our industry knowledge is tough to beat, so we’re the fire protection company to call if you’re looking for an intelligent and regulation-compliant approach to your fire response. Our leaders have working experience with the Houston Advisory Board, National Fire Sprinkler Association, and state fire martial department. We provide customized solutions that address your unique hazards and building layout. You’ll never need another fire safety expert again.

For 24-hour emergency service, contact Kauffman Co.’s Houston team at 713-893-1090 or contact us online.

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