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Importance of Scheduling Your Kitchen Hood Inspections

Do you manage or own a restaurant or commercial kitchen? Things can get hectic—between scheduling employee schedules, managing food vendors, updating the menu with the season and trends, and keeping your customers happy, there can sometimes be little time for administrative tasks. But one thing you shouldn’t overlook is having your kitchen hood extinguishing system inspected by a professional fire protection company.

Kauffman Co. is a full-service fire protection company serving the Houston area. Contact us today to schedule your kitchen hood extinguishing system inspection or keep reading to learn more about the purpose of this step.

Dangers of Not Having Your Kitchen Hood Extinguishing System Inspected

Setting up your annual inspection may be on the back burner of your list of things to do for your restaurant, but you should ensure that it is inspected by a licensed company at a frequency set by industry standards depending on the natural of your commercial kitchen.

As a reminder, here are the frequencies for having your kitchen hood inspected, as set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for all Houston-based commercial kitchens:

  • Agencies or businesses that operate on a 24-hour basis or prepare high volumes of food should have their kitchen hood inspections performed quarterly.
  • Businesses such as sit-down restaurants that prepare food at moderate levels should have kitchen hood inspections performed twice a year.
  • Organizations such as churches that cook small volumes of food or operate only occasionally only need kitchen hood inspections performed once a year.

The inspection company will ensure that your kitchen hoods are being scrubbed and cleaned down to the bare metal, with no grease or oil contamination remaining on the hoods. The goal with kitchen hoods are to collect and trap grease effectively—preventing any breakout fires in your restaurant. But the vent hoods need to be cleaned and inspected regularly so they don’t become a huge fire hazard. Accumulated grease can easily catch fire and lead to devastating loss of life and property.

Remain Code Compliant

Kitchen hood inspections are important from a code compliancy standpoint. According to NFPA 96 (the standards set for kitchen hoods), every commercial kitchen has an industry standard for how often they should schedule the inspection. Actually having a licensed fire protection technician come out and inspect the equipment is up to the manager or owner to ensure their facility is up to code.

Passing Kitchen Hood Inspections

To make sure your kitchen hood passes the grease inspections, make sure you clean it regularly. How often to clean depends upon how often you use your kitchen hood when cooking. For instance, a large commercial cooking organization will require much more frequent hood cleaning than a community center!

Keep Your Employees & Customers Safe

In addition to keeping your restaurant up to code, the biggest reason to have your kitchen hood inspected is to keep your employees and customers safe. Grease fires can be dangerous—they flare up fast, the fuel source (grease) is liquid and can easily splash and spread, and they can’t be controlled with water. Keep your kitchen staff, servers, and guests safe by minimizing the risk of a fire starting in your commercial kitchen.

Houston Area Kitchen Hood Inspections

At Kauffman Co., we provide full-service restaurant fire protection services—keeping your life and property safe. To schedule a regular kitchen hood extinguishing system inspection, call us today at (713) 893-1090.

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