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How Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Work?

If you’ve ever been in charge of a department store or apartment complex, you know particularly well that fears about a potential fire will keep you up at night. What if a fire were to happen? Are the people in your home or building safe? How flammable are the items in your space?

When so much is at stake, fire sprinkler systems offer property owners comfort. But how does a fire sprinkler work, and how can you avoid setting one off accidentally? Today at Kauffman Co., we’ll help you to understand the details behind how fire sprinkler systems work, so you can feel confident about their dependability and safety.

What is a Fire Sprinkler System?

A fire sprinkler system is an active fire system, meaning it is always ready to put a fire out. You may notice a fire sprinkler system in a hotel, shopping center, or your home or apartment. They can be identified by their bulb-like, metal structures that jut out from the ceiling.

When you install a fire sprinkler system in your property, you’d be right to think that each individual fire sprinkler looks like the head of a faucet. Similar to a faucet, fire sprinkler systems contain a series of pipes that contain pressurized water. Inside the sprinkler head is a small heat-sensitive plug. Should a sprinkler be triggered in a fire, the heat-sensitive plug shatters, allowing the water inside the sprinkler to flow through and disperse over the surface below.

What Triggers a Fire Sprinkler System?

Typically, fire sprinklers are triggered when the surrounding air temperature is no less than 155 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature and above, they react very fast to extinguish the fire below. They are also effective at limiting the development of toxic smoke while firefighters make their way to the scene.

If One Sprinkler Goes Off, Do They All Go Off?

Perhaps you’ve seen the main character in an action movie make his getaway by lighting a match under a sprinkler and causing a very wet, hotel-wide distraction. Or maybe the latest comedy you watched showed the spouse trying to cook dinner and accidentally setting all the sprinklers off in the house!

Whatever the case, what you’ve seen in the movies, should stay in the movies! Most are relieved to know that the majority of fire sprinkler systems today are triggered by heat, NOT smoke, and they won’t all go off at the same time.

Thankfully, your average fire sprinkler is built with an individual heat detector, which means it has to be triggered on its own, regardless of what is happening with other sprinklers close by. For homeowners everywhere, that means your chances of experiencing a spontaneous indoor rainstorm are rare at best! Instead, your can count on the reliability of fire sprinkler systems to help save your home from a fire.

Ask Kauffman Co. About Fire Sprinkler Systems!

No matter if you are looking to protect a recent commercial addition or an entire office building, installing a fire sprinkler system is an important step in reducing fire risks and supporting your safety. Are you curious to explore more about how fire sprinklers work? Thankfully, our fire contractors at Kauffman Co. have heard it all, to help ease your mind (and curiosity!). Contact us today to learn all about our fire safety services in Houston!

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