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Is Your Fire Suppression System Outdated?

Did you know that having a fire suppression system that isn’t functioning properly is more dangerous than not having one at all? As a building owner or manager in Houston, you rely on these waterless systems to provide protection to sensitive areas in case of a fire.

Whether you manage a museum, server or data room, archive room, or any place that has sensitive material or equipment that could be severely damaged by water in case of a fire, a fire suppression system is crucial to protecting your company’s assets. Should you be relying on a fire suppression system that is outdated or no longer functional, you could experience even more devastating losses during a fire.

How do you know if your system is outdated or even needs replacement? First, it’s incredibly important to have your fire suppression systems inspected on a regular basis by a professional fire protection company. Inspections can help identify any issues stemming from lack of use or other damage that could have occurred to bring your system outside of working specifications.

Benefits of Fire Suppression System Inspections

Knowing you can trust your suppression system to work during a fire emergency is valuable beyond measure. It provides peace of mind that there will be no serious damage to expensive equipment or irreplaceable documents and items. You should have your system inspected on a regular basis:

  • Annually or per the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations
  • Every time building ownership or management switches hands
  • Today, if you are unsure of the last time the system was inspected
  • Any time after the system extinguishes

Testing Your Fire Suppression System

The licensed technicians who inspect your fire suppression system are looking for specific signs of damage, age, and simple wear and tear. Because these systems are not the type of equipment that is used or visible on a daily basis, you’ll find a number of issues that arise simply from the system sitting inactive for such long periods of time:

  • General weakness to certain parts of the system from idleness
  • Wear, rust, and other damage
  • Failed activation due to limited lifetime

These are just a few of the things inspectors look for to determine the condition of fire suppression systems. If you’re unsure about your system, it’s best to call a local Houston area fire protection company.

Fire Suppression Replacement in Houston TX

Often, companies that can assist with inspections are also licensed to do maintenance or even replace older systems that are no longer trustworthy or functional. Getting your system replaced may seem like a large step, but in the long run, you’ll find that knowing your new system is reliable should a fire break out makes your job a little less stressful on a daily basis.

How do you know who to call when it’s time to have your fire suppression system inspected?

Kauffman Co. is a fire protection company serving the Houston, Texas area that can assist with inspections, repairs, and replacement of your fire suppression systems. Equipped to handle any situation you have with your fire suppression system, you can expect only the quickest response and best customer service from our family owned company.

Call us today to schedule an inspection of your fire suppression system!

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