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How Much Does a Fire Sprinkler System Cost?

One of the most important things you can have in your home or building is a working, well-maintained fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinklers provide fire protection coverage 24 hours a day, responding almost instantly to the heat from a fire and knocking back the flames, smoke and heat while you wait for the fire department to arrive.

Average Fire Sprinkler Costs

The best news about fire sprinklers? They’re not expensive! The average costs for a fire sprinkler system are as follows:
Fire Sprinkler Systems Cost | Houston, TX

  • A complete fire sprinkler system integrated into a new construction project costs about $1 to $2 per square foot. This includes equipment and installation.
  • Retrofitting an existing building usually costs between $2 to $7 per square foot.
  • Retrofitting a high rise building will run you about $2 to $4 per square foot.
  • Installing a fire sprinkler in a historic building can sometimes be more expensive up to $10 per square foot. This occurs only when there are strict design standards required to meet the building’s aesthetic requirements.


Piping for sprinkler systems is usually made of plastic, but local ordinances often require unfinished areas to also be sprinklered. Areas such as the garage, attic and unfinished basement typically require piping made of more expensive metal. Copper is a particularly expensive material to use for sprinkler system piping. This makes homes with unfinished basement foundations more expensive to install sprinkler systems in than homes with slab foundations and no basement. To keep costs down, you should use plastic piping whenever possible throughout your home or business.


Most homes have access to the municipal water supply. However, if you get your water from a well or other stored source, your fire sprinkler system will likely require a booster pump and tank, which can increase installation costs significantly. The average cost per square foot of sprinklered space for homes and businesses on public water is 22 percent lower than those with stored water systems.


Obtaining permits and conducting inspections result in extra fees for the installer, which is then passed on to you. These costs must be taken into consideration in the total installation amount.


Although not a requirement for code compliance in many jurisdictions, some fire sprinklers include backflow preventers, especially if they use antifreeze. The purpose of these devices is to prevent pressurized fire sprinkler water from flowing into the municipal water supply. This can add an additional $75 to $350 to a typical residential fire sprinkler installation, more for larger commercial installations.


You have two basic types of sprinkler systems to choose from: standalone or multipurpose. Standalone systems, which are much more common, use dedicated sprinkler piping. Multipurpose systems combine the domestic and sprinkler water supply into a single potable piping system. In the NPFA’s study, most multipurpose systems were less costly per sprinklered square foot than standalone systems.


Installing a fire sprinkler system brings invaluable benefits to your home or business. They work to provide unmatched fire protection, significantly reducing the risk of property damage. With their quick response time, fire sprinklers can suppress flames before they have a chance to spread, containing the fire to its point of origin. Additionally, these systems offer round-the-clock protection, automatically detecting and extinguishing fires even when no one is present. By promptly controlling fires, sprinklers minimize the need for extensive fire department intervention, reducing property damage and insurance costs.

In addition to keeping your building protected from fires, fire sprinkler systems provide added cost benefits. Many insurance companies offer steep discounts for building owners and homeowners who install fire sprinklers sometimes as much as 60%! Installing fire sprinklers in your building could also qualify you for tax incentives

Installing a fire sprinkler system is one of the smartest investments you can make in your home or building. Call Kauffman Co. today or contact us online to find out more about our fire sprinkler installation, repair, and inspection services. 

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