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5 Fire Safety Month Tips To Protect Your Property

October is Fire Safety Month, an annual reminder to keep up with fire safety at home and the workplace. It’s always a good idea to keep up with maintaining your Houston property’s fire protection services and products.

For example, when was the last time you checked your fire extinguisher? Do you have a plan for exiting your building in case of a fire?

Discussing and planning fire preparedness is the first step toward protecting yourself, others, and your property from a fire. We’ll discuss the five best ways to protect yourself and your property from fire damage.

Get Your Fire Sprinkler System Inspected

Your building’s sprinkler system will be your first line of defense during a fire. The fire code in Houston, TX, recommends monthly inspections for sprinkler systems to ensure that they are working properly.

Regular inspections ensure the system is ready to turn on when needed and has a proper water flow to help extinguish a fire.

Recharge Your Fire Extinguishers

In the event of a fire, your fire extinguishers could be your best tool for spraying a specific area until the flames subside. Unfortunately, fire extinguishers can lose pressure over time, rendering them useless.

Experts suggest recharging your fire extinguishers every six years. Discharging a fire extinguisher in full and refilling it will provide a much better defense against fire should you need to use them in the future.

Take a look at our fire extinguisher checklist to learn more about how to ensure you’re ready for a fire.

Test Your Building’s Fire Alarms

Every building must have a fire alarm system that goes off during an emergency. This system must go off in the event of a fire. The sooner the fire alarm goes off, the sooner people can safely exit the building.

Fire alarm panel inspection and testing can uncover any hidden issues in the system. Scheduling a professional team to perform a test can help ensure that you’re ready in the event of a fire.

Toss Out Your Trash

Disposing garbage can be a big part of keeping your property safe from a fire. Nothing should blockade the exits around your property; excessive clutter and trash are fire hazards.

Stacks of garbage bags and materials can easily catch fire and cause severe damage; plan on decluttering your space and being mindful of keeping piles of paper and flammable items in your building.

Create a Fire Safety Training Plan

Training your employees on handling a fire can significantly reduce the chances of injury or death. 

Establish a fire safety routine, including exit plans and accounting for everyone knowing how to use fire extinguishers and when to leave the scene of a fire instead of fighting it.

We recommend yearly fire safety training to ensure everyone knows what to do during a fire emergency.

Trust Kauffman Co. for Your Fire Protection Needs in the Houston Area

Since 2006, Kauffman Co. has provided Houston residents and industries with fast, reliable fire safety prevention services. Our expert team performs system testing, sprinkler installation, extinguisher services, alarm repair, and 24-hour emergency service.

Our trustworthy, experienced, and certified technicians will ensure everyone in the building and the property is as safe as possible.

Contact us online or call (713) 893-1090 to schedule fire protection services in the Greater Houston area today!

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