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Fire Extinguisher Requirements for New Buildings

Buying fire extinguishers for new buildings is no easy task – first you have to figure out which type of fire extinguisher you need, then where to install your new fire extinguishers, then you have to actually buy them and figure out how to keep them maintained. All in all it ends up being a somewhat complicated process that can add more stress to the actual process of building a new building.

At Kauffman Co, we believe that buying fire extinguishers for new buildings shouldn’t be hard. We’ve compiled a list of fire extinguisher requirements for new buildings to make your fire extinguisher installation process as simple and pain-free as possible.

Choosing Fire Extinguishers for New Buildings

The most important thing to do when buying fire extinguishers for your new building is figuring out which types of fire extinguishers you’re going to need. Kauffman Co can provide guidance on this, but to get started, first think about:

  • The amount of space your fire extinguishers are going to need to protect. This will determine the quantity of extinguishers your new building will need.
  • The types of possible fires you’re most likely to see (remember: A – wood, paper, etc.; B – flammable liquids; C – electrical fires; D – flaming metals). This will determine the class of fire extinguisher you need.
  • The appropriate size of fire extinguishers you’ll need. Keep in mind that, heavier fire extinguishers will be able to hold more extinguishing agent, but they will be more difficult to maneuver (though most heavier fire extinguishers are wheeled).
  • The type of equipment located in the area and the effect that the extinguishing agent could have on it. For example, if you have sensitive computer equipment in an area, a mildly corrosive dry chemical fire extinguisher could do as much damage as the actual fire!

Where to Install Fire Extinguishers in New Buildings

When you’re installing fire extinguishers in new buildings, it’s extremely important that you place them in areas that are easily visible and accessible at all times. NFPA requirements state that:

  • Fire extinguishers must be placed within easy reach of storage areas for flammables
  • Fire extinguishers must be close enough together that a person does not have to travel more than 75 ft to reach one

Also make sure that your fire extinguishers aren’t blocked by anything like furniture or debris, so that they are immediately available in the event of a fire. For best results, place your fire extinguisher along normal paths of travel, particularly near exits and where they will not be obscured from view. Also make sure you never place them in corners where people trying to reach them may become trapped.

How to Buy Fire Extinguishers for New Buildings

Once you’ve worked with a Kauffman Co fire protection technician to determine the ideal types of and locations for your fire extinguishers, it’s time to make the purchase. At Kauffman Co, we offer great discounts for buying fire extinguishers in bulk, so it’s a good idea to purchase them all at once to keep costs down.

Maintaining your New Fire Extinguishers

Don’t forget that after your fire extinguishers have been installed, they need proper maintenance to make sure they’ll hold up through the years! You can do the monthly fire extinguisher maintenance on your own, but for your yearly service, call Kauffman Co!

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