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Factors to Consider for Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Because of the risks associated with food preparation—open flames, grease traps, stored flammable products—restaurants are at a higher risk of fire than other types of businesses. The high number of people in a centralized area further increases the risk of employee or customer injury in a restaurant fire. These considerations make it clear that you can’t overlook the importance of fire suppression in restaurants.

Unless you have a premium fire protection system already in place, your business and everyone inside it could be at risk in the event of an emergency. You know you need a comprehensive kitchen fire suppression system, but where do you start? Here are the factors to consider for fire suppression in restaurants.

Current Fire Safety Equipment in Your Restaurant

Perhaps your restaurant has a partial fire suppression system in place. You might have the basics, such as a fire extinguisher and smoke alarm, but a complete system for fire suppression in restaurants is comprised of much more. A comprehensive system for maximum safety may include:

Floor Plan & Restaurant Layout

A large floor plan or unusual restaurant layout can make fire suppression that much more challenging. Signs with arrows leading to specific areas such as the utility room and fire suppression equipment can assist with public safety. Particular signs can also assist fire fighters, such as diagrams leading to stairways, fire hose valves, the fire alarm control panel and other fire protection features. The specific fire suppression equipment you install should cater to the precise floor plan and layout of your restaurant.

You will also need a professional fire protection company to design and install any fire sprinkler and suppression system with your restaurant’s unique floor plan and layout.

Type of Food Preparation

Deep frying and other greasy cooking methods present a greater fire hazard than other types of food preparation. Cooking with oil may result in a fire if the oil is heated to an excessive temperature. Efforts to expel the fire with water can cause an extremely dangerous situation where the water flashes into steam due to the burning oil’s high temperature. This sends the fire in all directions and exacerbates the problem.

To prevent this, be sure to take the proper preventative measures, such as:

  • Training kitchen employees how to put out a grease fire, use a fire extinguisher, and implement the stop, drop and roll technique in an emergency
  • Installing the proper hood filters to trap and drain excess grease from above the cooking surface
  • Keeping a non-water fire extinguisher or foam fire suppression equipment on hand at all times

Protection for Customers, Employees, Equipment and Property

The entire purpose of investing in equipment for fire suppression in restaurants is to protect your customers, employees, equipment, and property. Make safety a top priority by doing the following:

  • Design and install a fire suppression system with visible and audible alarms
  • Keep up-to-date with fire safety equipment maintenance, inspections, and cleaning
  • Connect with a 24-hour emergency fire suppression tracking, testing, inspection, and repair company to ensure comprehensive protection around the clock
  • Keep cooking surfaces and high traffic areas clean every day
  • Check for frayed power cords, since electrical equipment malfunction is another major cause of restaurant fires

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems in Houston, TX

Kauffman Co. is a top fire protection company in the Houston, Texas area. Whether you need a kitchen fire suppression system designed, installed, replaced, tested, or maintained, we have you covered. Please contact Kauffman Co. today to learn specific ways you can help protect your restaurant against fire hazards and emergencies!

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