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Commercial Fire Safety Tips for the Warmer Months

We often associate summertime with barbecues, outdoor company events, and firework-lit nights. However, with the warm weather comes an increased risk of fires, especially in commercial settings.

It’s crucial to understand these risks and take preventive measures to ensure the safety of your business, employees, and customers. Here are seven ways you can keep your people and property safe during the warmer months.

1. Be Mindful of Smoking Areas

Most commercial buildings have designated smoking areas. However, during summer, due to the heat or rain, employees might feel inclined to smoke closer to the building. This habit can pose a fire hazard as discarded cigarette butts can ignite dry leaves or other combustible materials.

Ensure the designated smoking area is at least 20 feet from the building and is equipped with safe disposal options for cigarette waste.

2. Grill Safety at Company Events

Summer often means barbecues and outdoor cooking events. While these are great for morale, remember to position grills a safe distance from buildings or any flammable materials, and never bring them indoors.

Ensure a responsible person is assigned to monitor and extinguish the grill once the event is over. Never store propane tanks indoors — they can leak and create a highly flammable environment.

3. Fireworks and Festivities Safety

Fireworks are a summer staple, especially during holiday celebrations. However, mishandling them can lead to devastating fires.

Always check local rules and regulations before setting off fireworks, have water or a fire extinguisher nearby, and dispose of them properly. Remember, it’s best to leave fireworks to the professionals.

4. Maintain Your HVAC and Exhaust Systems

With the increased use of air conditioning systems in the summer, it’s important to keep your HVAC systems well-maintained.

A faulty air conditioning system can overheat and cause a fire. Similarly, clean out exhaust fans regularly to prevent the buildup of dust and grease, which can ignite.

5. Regularly Test Your Fire Safety Systems

Summer is a perfect time to test your commercial fire alarms and have them serviced. A functioning fire alarm system is critical to early fire detection and keeping your building, employees, and customers safe.

6. Establish and Communicate Your Evacuation Plan

Ensure your company has a robust fire evacuation plan in place and that all employees are aware of it. Clearly mark all emergency exits, and provide training on how to use fire extinguishers and alarms. Regular fire drills will keep the process fresh in everyone’s minds and help identify any issues with your plan.

7. Educate Your Staff

Make sure employees are aware of summer fire hazards and the steps to take in case of an emergency. This knowledge can be lifesaving in the event of a fire. Regularly remind them about the nearest emergency exits, fire alarms, extinguishers, and emergency phone numbers.

Trust Kauffman Co. for Expert Fire Safety Solutions

While summer is a time for fun and relaxation, it’s important not to let your guard down when it comes to fire safety. By keeping these tips in mind, you can help ensure that your business remains safe and free from fire hazards this summer.

Additionally, our team at Kauffman Co. can help with all of your commercial fire safety needs, including 24-hour emergency service for your fire alarms, extinguishers, and more.

Protect your Greater Houston business from fire with Kauffman’s fire safety services. Contact us online or call 713-893-1090 now.

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