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At Kauffman Co. we provide a wide array of fire protection services, and above all we provide information. Please use our resources below to browse our safety guides, download a free fire safety checklist, and find answers to some of the most frequently askedfire prevention questions.

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Fire Safety Guides
Browse our home and office fire safety guides to prevent and reduce risks of a fire.
Fire Protection BlogFire Protection Blog
Catch up on the latest industry news in our fire protection blog.
Fire Safety Tips for the Hurricane Season
July 11, 2018

Fire Protection in Houston & Galveston, TX As Texans learned during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Houston is vulnerable to severe tropical cyclones. While the biggest concerns during a hurricane are wind gusts, high tides, and pouring rain, the risk of …

How to Preplan Your Warehouse for Fire Safety
May 20, 2018

Fire Protection Services in Houston & Galveston, TX As warehouses continue to increase in height, incorporate more complicated rack storage systems, and include greater numbers of plastic packaging and goods, warehouse fire protection must continue to evolve. Is your warehouse …

How to Plan a Fire Escape in Tall Buildings
May 18, 2018

The number of skyscrapers being constructed today continues to increase as urban city planners look upward to make more room for growing populations. Of course, the taller and more complex the building, the more difficult and time-consuming it is to …

Fire Extinguisher Checklist
No company’s quarterly safety checklist is complete without a thorough fire extinguisher inspection.
Fire Protection FAQs Read FAQs
Glossary of Fire Protection Terms See Glossary
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