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At Kauffman Co. we provide a wide array of fire protection services, and above all we provide information. Please use our resources below to browse our safety guides, download a free fire safety checklist, and find answers to some of the most frequently askedfire prevention questions.

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Fire Safety Guides
Browse our home and office fire safety guides to prevent and reduce risks of a fire.
Fire Protection BlogFire Protection Blog
Catch up on the latest industry news in our fire protection blog.
October Is Fire Protection & Safety Month
September 28, 2021

October is Fire Protection & Safety Month, and Kauffman Co. is excited to share our wealth of fire safety knowledge with building managers throughout the Houston region. With Fire Protection Week happening between October 9 to October 13, we’ve put …

Fire Alarm Requirements in Houston During Building Construction
August 24, 2021

Maintaining fire alarm safety systems during building construction in Houston is critical to keeping workers and building occupants safe. There are specific processes that building managers must follow in order to ensure the highest degree of system safety and functionality …

Are BBQ Grills Allowed at Apartments in Houston?
June 24, 2021

If you want to use a BBQ grill at an apartment in Houston, you might fret over whether you might get in trouble with the local fire department—or even the police—for doing so. Your instinct is right, as several laws …

Fire Extinguisher Checklist
No company’s quarterly safety checklist is complete without a thorough fire extinguisher inspection.
Fire Protection FAQs Read FAQs
Glossary of Fire Protection Terms See Glossary
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