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At Kauffman Co. we provide a wide array of fire protection services, and above all we provide information. Please use our resources below to browse our safety guides, download a free fire safety checklist, and find answers to some of the most frequently askedfire prevention questions.

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Fire Safety Guides
Browse our home and office fire safety guides to prevent and reduce risks of a fire.
Fire Protection BlogFire Protection Blog
Catch up on the latest industry news in our fire protection blog.
Will Vapes, Cigarettes, Etc. Trigger a Fire Alarm or Sprinklers?
February 28, 2018

If you smoke, you may be wondering whether it’s safe to light up near a smoke detector or under a sprinkler head. Users of e-cigarettes and vaporizers may have the same question. Find the answers to your concerns here. Can …

How to Estimate Fire Sprinkler System Cost
February 22, 2018

If you’re looking for ways to improve fire safety in your home or business, you are wise to consider installing fire sprinklers. A functional sprinkler system provides 24-hour coverage against fire, drastically reducing property damage and loss of life if …

Can Fire Alarms Damage Hearing?
January 8, 2018

If you’ve ever been in a loud subway system, walked next to a jackhammer at a construction site, or boarded a plane full of overexcited passengers, you know that some everyday noises can be overwhelming for your ears. Unfortunately, this …

Fire Extinguisher Checklist
No company’s quarterly safety checklist is complete without a thorough fire extinguisher inspection.
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Glossary of Fire Protection Terms See Glossary
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