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Posted on July 11, 2018

Fire Safety Tips for the Hurricane Season

Fire Protection in Houston & Galveston, TX

As Texans learned during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Houston is vulnerable to severe tropical cyclones. While the biggest concerns during a hurricane are wind gusts, high tides, and pouring rain, the risk of fire also increases in the middle of a storm.

Keep your business safe by following these fire safety tips for the hurricane season.

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Fire Safety Tips Between Storms

Take advantage of nice weather to prepare for the possibility of a hurricane. These tips will make your home or business safer from fire during the next storm:

  • Stock up on flame-free emergency lighting devices, including flashlights, camping lanterns, and spare batteries.
  • Purchase generator fuel but refrain from storing gasoline or other flammable liquids indoors.
  • Turn off propane tanks when a storm is imminent.
  • Place copies of important documents in a portable waterproof container in case you must evacuate on short notice.
  • Take storm shutters down after a hurricane. It’s tempting to leave them up in case another storm hits, but having shutters up could make your home less safe during a fire by impairing your ability to evacuate and hampering the efforts of firefighters.

Fire Safety Tips While Staying Home During a Hurricane

If you decide to ride out the storm at home, stay safe with these tips:

  • Avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by never operating a portable generator indoors. Make sure the unit is far enough away from windows and doors that exhaust fumes can’t enter and wait for the generator to cool down before refueling it.
  • Keep combustibles away from candle flames, and never leave candles or kerosene lamps burning unattended.
  • When possible, use flame-free emergency lighting instead of candles.
  • Enjoy hot meals when the power is out by cooking on an outdoor grill located away from windows and doors. Keep hair and loose clothing away from the open flames while preparing food.

Fire Safety Tips at Evacuation Destinations

When you arrive at a temporary refuge during a hurricane, it’s easy to overlook normal safety precautions, especially in overcrowded settings that aren’t usually used for sleeping. It’s up to the organizer to keep the building safe for evacuees, but you should also take responsibility for yourself and your family. Follow these tips as you enter unfamiliar surroundings:

  • Look for the nearest fire extinguisher.
  • Locate at least two exits and make sure they remain unblocked by cots or sleeping bags.
  • Never use a camping stove or other portable cooking device inside.
  • Limit the number of phone chargers plugged into power outlets to prevent electrical circuits from overloading.
  • Test the smoke detector in your hotel room to make sure it’s working.

Schedule Fire Protection Services in Houston, TX

When it comes to fire safety during the hurricane season, a little preparation goes a long way. Whether you own a business or manage a facility that could convert into an evacuation destination during a storm, make fire protection a top priority. Kauffman Co. can provide all the services you need, from installing fire extinguishers to testing fire alarms for your peace of mind throughout hurricane season.

To schedule fire protection services in Houston, please contact us online or call (713) 893-1090 today.

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