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Why Is My Fire Alarm Going Off for No Reason?

We can all agree that fire alarms are essential for keeping you safe in the event of a disaster in your home. But sometimes, they work a little too well! It’s not unheard of for fire alarms to go off when there’s no danger present. Does this mean your fire alarm is defective? Maybe — but there are a couple of things you should check before making your diagnosis!


Certain fire alarms are sensitive to heat and will go off if they sense a change in temperature (in fact, most fire alarms are a combination of heat- and smoke-activated). The issue comes when the wrong types of fire alarms are located in the wrong places. Think about this: During the summer, unventilated attics can reach up to 120 degrees or hotter, more than enough heat to set off a fire alarm. If fire alarms are going off in hotter areas of your home, try adjusting the temperature on your thermostat, shading it from the sun, or consider replacing them with smoke-activated alarms.


Fire alarms sensitive to smoke aren’t immune from false alarms either! Smoke alarms use sensors to detect changes in air quality, temperature, or light. While they are usually reliable, they can be tripped by things like dust, steam, and even scurrying spiders! If your smoke alarm is located in a dusty area or is close to the kitchen or a bathroom, vacuum it out every once in a while this should clear out the compartment and get the fire alarm working normally again. If this doesn’t work consider swapping it out for a thermal fire alarm.

Power Fluctuations

Many people have their fire alarms hardwired directly into their home’s electrical system, with a battery backup to take over when the power goes out. Fluctuations in power may trigger an alarm sound, but a number of other things, including CB or HAM radios or even mobile phone towers, can also affect them.

Low Batteries

We’ve written before about how low batteries can lead to fire alarm chirping. Almost all new fire alarms come with a monitor that alarms when the power gets low. If your fire alarm is chirping or making a quieter, more consistent noise that doesn’t sound like a full-on alarm, try swapping out the batteries.

Note: Even if you have a hardwired fire alarm, you’ll need to replace the backup batteries. It’s not recommended that you just take the batteries out. In fact, this will make the beeping worse! Also remember to use normal batteries (as opposed to rechargeable) — these work best in smoke detectors. It’s typically a good practice to replace the batteries in your smoke detector every time you turn back the clocks.

If you’ve tried all of the following and your fire alarm is still going off for no reason, it may be worth calling a fire protection company to come have a look and see if the problem is more serious. Kauffman Co. provides fire alarm inspection in Houston to take care of all your fire alarm needs.

For any fire alarm services in Texas, call Kauffman Co. today!

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