FM-200 Fire Suppression System Services

If you own a business, most likely you own valuable equipment that keeps your business running on a daily basis. What happens to all that equipment if an unexpected fire breaks out in the building and there is nothing there to protect your valuables and sensitive equipment? Many businesses install an FM-200 fire suppression system to protect their company’s most important assets from a fire emergency. However, without performing proper maintenance or inspections on your fire suppression system, the FM-200 system may not activate properly when there is a fire, leaving your business in shambles.

At Kauffman Co., we install, repair, maintain, and recharge FM-200 systems from leading manufacturers, including:

If you have an FM-200 fire suppression system, it is essential to routinely maintain, inspect and test your FM-200 system. Without a properly functioning FM-200 system, your company’s most significant assets will be gone in a matter of seconds. Kauffman Co. provides FM-200 system inspections, maintenance and repairs to businesses throughout Houston, Texas (TX) and the Greater Gulf Coast Area. Make sure your company’s property is always protected from a fire emergency – contact our fire protection company to service your FM-200 system today!

FM-200 system inspection, maintenance & repair services

FM-200 fire suppression systems installed, inspected, and repair by Kauffman Co.

Many businesses purchase and install an FM-200 fire suppression system and think their business will be automatically protected from a fire emergency. Without maintaining and inspecting FM-200 systems, businesses may not realize their FM-200 fire suppression systems are not working until it is too late.

Maintaining your FM-200 system is essential to ensuring your business is always protected from a fire emergency. Not only do we inspect your FM-200 system to check for and repair any current problems, but we also maintain your FM-200 fire suppression system to prevent future troubleshooting issues and confirm that your FM-200 system will always work in a fire emergency.

If you are located in the Houston, Texas (TX) or the Greater Gulf Coast Area, contact Kauffman Co. today to schedule an appointment! Whether you need an inspection, maintenance or repair, our fire protection company offers all the FM-200 system services you need to ensure your business is always protected from a fire emergency.

24-Hour emergency FM-200 fire suppression system services

When it comes to a fire emergency, every second matters. Our fire protection company understands how essential it is to protect your business from a fire. Any moment your FM-200 system is not working, your business is being put in jeopardy. At Kauffman Co., we offer businesses in Houston, Texas (TX) and the Greater Gulf Coast Area 24-hour emergency maintenance, inspection and repair services for their FM-200 fire suppression systems, so whenever you need us, we’ll be there!

Whether you need to schedule a routine maintenance or an emergency repair for your FM-200 fire suppression system, contact Kauffman Co. today! Our family-owned fire protection company is dedicated to keeping your FM-200 system up-to-date, so your business will always be protected from a fire emergency.